1888 Peak Directory | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1888 Peak Directory

Year Surname Title First name Building
1888 Ackroyd Hon. E. J. Rockyda
1888 (vacant)     The Cliff
1888 Anton   J. R. The Haystack
1888 Apenes   R.
Kellett Bungalow
1888 Bain   W. N.
1888 Ball   J. D.
1888 Belilios   E. R. The Eyrie (summer only)
1888 Bell-Irving   J. The Mount (summer only)
1888 Bowdler   F. Fung Shui
1888 Anderson   J. S.
Champion Hill
1888 Candler   T. E. Dunford
1888 Dennys   H. Brockhurst
1888 Ede   N. J. Dunheved



Foster   F. T. Pearce Dunnotar


    Austin Arms
1888 H. E. The Governor     Mountain Lodge (summer only)
1888 Beart   M.
Kellett Spur
1888 Johnson   A. B. Bushy Cottage
1888 Just   H. Z. Stokes's Bungalow West
1888 Layton   B. Stokes Bungalow East
1888 Leigh   R. K. Leigh Tor
1888 Mitchell-Innes   N. G. Bangour
1888 Maxwell Commodore   Admiralty Bungalow (summer only)
1888 Ost Rev. J. B C.M.S. Sanatorium (summer only)
1888 Phillippo Sir George La Hacienda (absent)
1888 Yeatherd Capt. E. W. The Chalet
1888 Poesnecker   L. house (no name)
1888 Ryrie Hon. P. Craig Ryrie (summer only)
1888 Sharp   G. The Homestead
1888 Smith   A. F. Myrtle Bank
1888 Smith   J. G. The Sheiling
1888 Smith   T. Sercombe Fernside
1888 Thomsett Capt.   The Bluff
1888 Vernon   J. Y. V. The Falls
1888 Wright   A. The Neuk
1888 (vacant)     Treverbyn
1888 Manson Dr.   Cronest
1888 (vacant)     Creggan
1888 Hutchinson  J. D.
1888 (vacant)     1, Cameron Villas
1888 Magazine Gap      
1888 Dowler   H. G. Stonyhurst
1888 Hastings   J. Stonyhurst
1888 Saunders   W. J. Stonyhurst
1888 Wilkinson   C. D. Stonyhurst
1888 Ewens   C. Harford