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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1933: A Day at the Races

1956: Two Army Officers - Charged with Corruption -1956

1956: Route Twisk Corruption Trial Defendant Injured

1956: Barrister Killed in Knife attack

1956: Arthur John Clifford (1910-1956)- HK Barrister

1956: Route Twisk Corruption Trial - Verdict

1934: You keep me hangin' on

1934: Leaving Shanghai: portrait of Sylvia Klimanek and the captain of s.s. Zuiderkerk, 1934

1922: Wedding in Shanghai, Philip Harding Klimanek and Zoia Serjevna Kojevnikova, 1922

: Towards Queen's Road East .....jpg

1929: c.1929 Idlewild

1970: Cavendish Heights-Hong Kong Electric Company staff quarters

: 2020 - Grave marker for Roland Arthur Charles North C.M.G. in Wentworth Falls Cemetery, NSW, Australia.jpg

1945: A.R.P. tunnel's man escapes from Hong Kong

1946: Tai Mo Shan-RAF Station in the clouds

1945: Young witnesses to war

1967: Cavendish Heights 1960s

1964: Cavendish Heights (First Generation)

1925: circa 1915 Florence Neave and friends.jpg

2020: Women, Crime and Courts Hong Kong 1841-1941

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