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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1923: Kowloon City

1923: Sham Shui Po / Prince Edward

1923: Shek Kip Mei

1925: Kowloon City proposed hospital

1924: Port development

1932: Depths off Kowloon Point

1893: Military Sanitarium

1903: Artillery Store section

1903: Artillery Store elevation

1903: Full sheet

1903: Rolled map

1903: Kowloon West Battery

1903: Mixed shrubbery

1903: Water tank

1903: Artillery Store plan

: Tobias and Maud Hunter Wedding sm.jpg

: Cameron Rd-Humphreys Rd-Kowloon.jpg

1962: Far East Motors

: wanchai waterfront 1968.png

2019: John Thomson HK Praya Colorized

2019: John Thomson HK Praya pano

2020: (Former) Swindon Bookstore on Lock Road, November 2020

1870: John Thomson HK Praya

1935: A6 - Local Junk.JPG

1934: Aberdeen