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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1939: View of HKEC recreation club swimming pool

1944: RW Mills as Edith in Cinderella - 19440119.jpg

: RW Mills as Captain Hardy in Eve of Trafalgar.jpg

1943: RW Mills as Elyot Chase in Private Lives - 19431021.jpg

1943: RW Mills as Inspector Stack in Laburnum Grove - 19431230.jpg

1943: RW Mills as John Jelliwell in Spring Time for Henry - 19430325.jpg

1943: RW Mills as Joseph in Nativity Play.jpg

1943: RW Mills as Pontius Pilate in Good Friday - 19430422.jpg

: RW Mills by AJ Savitsky.jpg

1958: 1958 Gloucester Road - Dreamland Dance Hall

1927: 1927 Austin Avenue - Aimai Villas

1937: Netherlands Harbour Works dredger-Taikoo Dockyard

1929: CE Warren ad 27:09:1929 HKT.png

: Edith Townsend diary pg.04.jpg

: Edith Townsend diary pg.05.jpg

: Edith Townsend diary pg.06.jpg

: Edith Townsend diary pg.07.jpg

: Edith Townsend diary pg.08.jpg

: Edith Townsend.jpg

: Volumes-1-2-3-front-covers-v2.jpg

1934: 1934 Aberdeen Upper Reservoir

1900: 1900s Chinese Puppet Show

1990: Kowloon Canton Railway Terminus

1960: Conduit Road 1961.png

: foot_path.jpg