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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1934: EPSON033.JPG

: Monia Talan's naturalisation certificate

: Monia Talan's file

: Monia Talan's file opened

: 1957-58 Naturalisation certificates

: 酸甜欖.png

: 甘草欖.png

: 山楂.jpg

: 山楂2.jpg

: tonnochy pier 1949-1968.png

: oversea trust bank 1977-06-24.png

2019: Tsim Sha Tsui station entrance A1

2008: Nathan Road

1983: Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀) MTR station entrance, Carnarvon Road (D2)

: semi-full-front view gilman motor 1962.png

: The Peak Postcard

: The Peak Hong Kong (2).jpg

: The Peak Hong Kong (1).jpg

1958: Queensway Hennessy Rd Junction cropped.jpg

1940: Cocktail Party Nitta Maru Hong Kong Telegraph Pictoral Supplement Page 1 11th May 1940 .png

: 落成初期的灣仔碼頭.png

1981: Tsim Sha Tsui station, exit/entrance C1

2021: Hostel sign

1934: EPSON202.JPG

1934: EPSON200.JPG