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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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: Disembarking at Tung Chung (?) Lantau 2

1939: The journey down from Lantau Mountain Camp looking towards Silver Mine Bay

1939: A rest on the journey up to Lantau Mountain Camp

1939: The climb up to Lantau Mountain Camp

1956: Invitation card for the farewell party on the retirement of Raymond Smith

: First record of a king cobra in Hong Kong

1969: 1969 Hart Avenue TST

: Arthur A. Dalton Sun and New York Press page 11 23rd March 1919.png

1938: Jimmy's advert 1938

1940: Metropole Hotel advert 1940

1941: Chantecler advert 1941

: Ralph James Shrigley 1898-1944.jpg

: HK RNVR Minesweeper.jpg

: HK RNVR Jan 1953.jpg

: Arthur A. Dalton Newcastle Daily Chronicle Page2 28th January 1909.png

1868: Looking South towards Pok Fu Lam - Siemssen & Co House

: HMT Empire Fowey 1957

: HMT Empire Fowey 1957

: I wonder if anyone can explain this? HMT Empire Fowey

1957: The Lady in White-Durban-South Africa.

: Arthur Archibald Dalton Islington Gazette 19th October 1910.png

1957: Rikkis Restaurant-Kowloon-1957.

1957: T Y Lee- Kowloon-1957

1956: 1956 Junction of O'Brien and Lockhart Roads

1967: 1960s Percival Street