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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1945: Random scene of Kunming 1945

1945: Leung Chung-Yee Repatriation Authority to use RAF transport

1966: Report of Funeral of Mr Francis Lee MBE, BAAG legend

1880: Praya East 1880_1902

1880: Fenwick Shipyard

1949: Wall Collage.jpg

: Unknown artists

: Unknown artists

1937: Central British School a.k.a. KGV school in 06-02-1937

: Happy Valley...What Year.jpg

: Early Waterfront.jpg

1929: c.1929 Marching band taking part in a funeral procession

1947: 1947 On Chatham Rd green section.jpg

1947: 1947 - Oct 5 christening party outside 23 Cameron Road.jpg

: 1947 - Oct 5 christening walking to Chatham Rd.jpg

2020: P9050009.JPG

1949: Joanna Lumley + sister-Hong Kong-screen-grab

1962: Mui Wo Police Station 1962.jpg

1962: P P O'Regan DSI Mui Wo Police Station 1962.jpg

2020: IMG_20200904_facade.jpg

2020: IMG_20200904_roof.jpg

1929: c.1929 Junk in Hong Kong's harbour with Queen's Building in the background

1964: 4_View Across Wylie Road from QEH 1964.07.04.jpg

1964: 5_Panorama from QE Hospital 1964.07.04.jpg

1964: 1_Maureen O'Regan at QEH_1964.07.04.jpg