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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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: The new buildings on the Kung Ho Terrace

: The narrow path on the Kung Ho Terrace

: Kung Ho Terrace

1958: 1958 Kaiser Restaurant

1956: 1956 Junction of Peking and Hankow Roads

: Hong Kong postcard pic 1950s

: homg Kong postcard pic 1950s

1986: 139.jpg

1904: 12.jpg

1955: 1950s Old bldg in Peking road

1958: 1950s Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

: Copy of Mr. Hughes' passport.

: Mr. Thomas Alwyn Hughes

2005: Mum Ward's 90th Birthday.jpg

1946: Elfrida (Xavier) Ward Sept 1946.jpg

1946: Reginald F Ward age 10.jpg

1946: Reginald G Ward 1946.jpg

1945: Douglas Ward age 6.jpg

2015: Doug.jpg

1952: Reginald Francis Ward c1952.jpg

1949: Reginald Gwynne Ward 1949 (3).jpg

1956: 1956 Chung King Arcade

1968: Hong Kong Harbor,1968

1910: Rat bin in Quarry Bay, c.1910-1912

1969: 1969 Pok Oi Public School = 博愛公立學校