New on Gwulo: 2020, week 22

Submitted by David on Sun, 05/31/2020 - 16:00

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Bowen Road Group, circa January 1942
Bowen Road Group with Japanese sailors, c. Jan 1942, by Bob Tatz


Shatin Heights Hotel-China Mail-24-09-1955
Shatin Heights Hotel-China Mail-24-09-1955, by IDJ


Shatin Tiger Cub mauling-China Mail
Shatin Tiger Cub mauling, by IDJ


PB 32 and LL.jpeg
Pillbox 032 and its Lyon Light, by Rob


Hotz 's Jacob & Co. trade-mark, 1899, by Charles in Shanghai


1925 Austin Seven - Popular Motor Car
1925 Austin Seven - Popular Motor Car, by Moddsey


1923 Remarkable Accident - Knock-on Effect
1923 Remarkable Accident, by Moddsey


Hong Kong (China), double-decker bus with rock formation in background
HK, tram with rock formation in background, by uwm


1960 Greenville Amusement Park Archway
1960 Greenville Amusement Park Archway, by Moddsey


1938 Taipo Road
1938 Taipo Road, by Nona Pio-Ulski


1938 Mount Austin Road (Peak Road)
1938 Mount Austin Road (Peak Road), by Moddsey


1956 Central Reclamation, by eternal1966e


Invoice for Anglia.jpg
1949 Invoice for Ford Anglia, by Nona


WING KEE & CO, by Michael Blow


Hong Kong, the vessel Cleveland on Waglan Island
1931 SS President Cleveland ran aground on Waglan Island, by uwm


Kowloon 1921.jpg
Kowloon 1921.jpg, by danielwettling


Entertaining the Troops in 1946
Entertaining the Troops in 1946, by IDJ


1930s Ho Tung Mansions, Hankow Road
1930s Ho Tung Mansions, Hankow Road, by Moddsey


Hong Kong, granite formation
Hong Kong, granite formation, by uwm


1950s Hill Excavation, by m20wc51


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