Abandoned school in Wo Tin, Lantau [1962- ]

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A friend of mine who lives in Mui Wo recently toured me in the surrounding villages. We walked through an old abandoned school in Wo Tin, very close to the silvermine waterfall (I wonder how I never noticed it before). There is nothing left  in the three classroom building but one sign on the wall marked 1962, portraying the original management team.

I couldn't find anything online about the school, does anyone know about it?



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Good find! I've changed this page to be a "Place" so we can see its location - I've made a guess where it is, but please edit and move the marker if I've got it wrong.

It's probably just a long abandoned village school like many more scattered all around the New territories. They are a product of before Govt or religious group backed school became prominant in the 1960's and after. Once a larger school opened in the district, many smaller village schools closed down as the students were enrolled at the new schools.It's a real shame that many are just left to rot instead of being reused for other purposes.

There are still quite a number of abandoned village schools that are still standing on Lantau, for example at Pak Mong.  I know of a couple in their late 80s that used to teach at a village school at Tai O. They lived there during school days and returned to Hong Kong Island on the weekends. 

The school is / was Wong Kung Tin Six Village School (黃公田六村學校). It is currently classified as a VSP - Vacant School Premises according to the Planning Department. An application for short-term use is under consideration.

A local concern group recently tracked down one of its' former pupils and recorded the music and lyrics of the school song.

If you copy and paste the chinese characters above into say Google you will find some interesting articles and pics, mainly from hiking websites.

Here is the Planning Department link with a detailed map: https://www.pland.gov.hk/pland_en/info_serv/vsp/pdf_sc/WongKungTinSchoo…