Hong Kong Cricket Club Clubhouse (2nd location: SW) [c.1904-1923]

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The first club house was on the northern edge of the pitch.

Then this generation was in the southwest corner.

After this, the next generation was in the northwest corner.

Photos that show this Place


Added estimated 1904 completion date, from Moddsey:

The HK Cricket Club Pavilion (2nd Generation) was built around 1904. China Mail dated 6 April 1904 reports of the old pavilion being demolished and the foundation of the new pavilion being erected. 

With the demolition of the old cricket club pavilion opposite the museum corner of the City Hall, plans are being made to widen the thoroughfare at this point in order to remove a corner which is rather difficult to negotiate. It was proposed to shift the tram tracks so as allow motor cars to pass on either side. China Mail 12 April 1923 refers