Hotz s'Jacob & Co trade registration, Hong Kong Government Gazette, 1899, The Snake Brand

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Charles Gesner van der Voort (1916-1991) had started his career in Rotterdam, at Holland-China Trading Company (HCHC). In 1938, he went to Shanghai for the firm. The Japanese interned him, and most other Dutch nationals, from 1943-45. In camp, he met his wife Nancy and they married after the war. After a leave in The Netherlands, they returned to the Orient, where Charles continued to work for HCHC in Hong Kong.

Holland-China Trading Company was founded in 1903. One of the founders was Mr. Hotz, whose Hotz 's Jacob and Company was already selling products in Hong Kong.

The text accompanying this trade mark in the 28 October 1899 Hongkong Government Gazette is:
"The trade marks ordinance, 1898
Notice is hereby given that Messrs. Hotz S'Jacob and Company have, on the 18th September 1898, applied for the registration in Hongkong in the Register of Trade Marks the following Trade Marks:
[two similar trade marks shown in the photo]
in the name of Hotz S'Jacob and Company, who claim the be the sole proprietors thereof. The Trade Marks have been used by the applicants in respect of Condensed Milk in class 42.
Dated the 26th day of October, 1899.
Wilkinson & Grist,
Solicitors for the Applicants."

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28 Oct 1899