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New on Gwulo: 2019, week 47

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  • Several books are in the news...
  • Congratulations to Bob Tatz on last week's launch of his book, Lost in the Battle for Hong Kong, last week. A good-sized crowd made the effort to attend, despite the public transport problems. He told us some of the stories of his time as a young orphan in wartime Hong Kong, and answered the many questions that the audience had for him.
    Bob Tatz at his book launch
  • Les Bird reports that his book, A Small Band Of Men, is now on the bookshelves at Bookazine and other local bookstores. The book looks at the 20 years he spent in the Marine Police in the 1970s-90s. Les has posted chapter 21, Deadly Game, here on Gwulo. In it, he describes how they dealt with the 'Daai Fei', the high-powered speedboats that smugglers used in the 1990s.
    A Small Band of Men in Bookazine
  • The third Gwulo book gathered momentum over the last two weeks. The last two pieces of the layout were finished, the map:
    Map for the new Volume 3
    And the back cover:
    Gwulo book - Volume 3 - back cover
    Then came the last rounds of edits to make the text and photos look their best. They seemed never-ending, but this morning we ran out of things to change and so the layout has gone off to the printer. Later in the week I'll see the proofs for one last check, then once they're signed off I'll get a better idea of when the books will be available. The layout is our best yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing it in print.

  • Do any residents of the Sek Kong Village remember their local newspaper:
    Twisk Times

    Twisk Times, by Patrick Hill

  • Martin asks for help about the Hongkong government's policy regarding the New Territories in the 1970s, as part of his research into Mo Tat Wan village on Lamma.
  • A personal account of the Tyndareus hitting the German mine in 1917.
  • Jill has uploaded a copy of 'Light Airs', the journal of the 4th Submarine Flotilla who were regular visitors to Hong Kong in the 1920s.
  • Details of the Dosei Maru 同生丸, the ship being bombed in this photo:
    American air strike on harbour shipping-16 November 1943

    American air strike on harbour shipping-16 November 1943, by IDJ

  • It was good to catch up with everyone for lunch back on the 7th. Thanks to Annelise for arranging it.









Titania Hong Four.jpg

Titania Hong Four.jpg, by William Richmond Fell


L27 Propellor.jpg

L27 Propellor.jpg, by William Richmond Fell



Torpedo.JPG, by William Richmond Fell


John Anton-Smith playing on lawn beyond HKEC staff quarters

John Anton-Smith playing on lawn beyond HKEC staff quarters, by Raymond Smith


A daai fei with stolen vehicle cargo

A daai fei with stolen vehicle cargo, by Les Bird


1914 Jubilee street

1914 Jubilee street, by Eternal1966


Rowing Club Members

Rowing Club Members, by Raymond Smith


Beach picnic with huge rocks

Beach picnic with huge rocks, by Raymond Smith


Aberdeen (2).jpg

Aberdeen (2).jpg, by William Richmond Fell


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home - Barracks life! by Julie Slaughter

Lye Mun Redoubt.jpeg

Lye Mun Redoubt.jpeg, by The National Archives UK WO 78/5337


Looking across to KK Terrace 1970  27011808.JPG

Looking across to KK Terrace 1970 27011808.JPG, by John Timermanis


Silver Star Hung Hom 1981.jpg

Silver Star Hung Hom 1981.jpg, by degahkg


Northern Star Hung Hom 1981.jpg

Northern Star Hung Hom 1981.jpg, by degahkg


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