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George HARRIS [????-????]



Name of my uncle Mother Peruvian but Father British nameed  John Walter Harris who was a Storesman in the Docks had three Sisters Estella Frida Phillis and a brother John

They were also in the Stanly camp

would be intresting to hear from anyone who knew them 

I know a George Harris who worked in the Marine Department after the war. Is this the same person? 

There was a George Beresford Edwin HARRIS in Stanley Camp with wife Violet HARRIS (nee Tsang)  and 5 children. He was a Lighthouse Keeper with the Harbour Dept.  Philip 

Sorry not the same

George died of Malnutrition in the camp

It's puzzling me because I can't see him (George Harris other than GBE Harris) on the Camp Log of internees or in Stanley Military Cemetery where internees who died in Camp were buried. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong! 

The middle name of the George Harris I know is Beresford which to me was rather an uncommon name. He and my father were colleagues. The George Harris I knew was married to a Chinese (?) lady by the name of Dolores (maybe pet name?) who, if my memory serves me right, was a nurse and they met in the hospital where he was staying after the war. They had 3 sons. George lived in Tsuen Wan for a quite a number of years after the war. The family emigrated to Australia where up to several years the wife was still living. 

Eddie: I have the details of GBE Harris and wife Violet Edith Harris (nee Tsang). They were in Stanley Camp with their five children. He was a lighthouse keeper with the Harbour Dept. Philip

Maybe the person I know is the son of the GBE Harris who was interned in Stanley and subsequently died. The person I know, if he were alive today, would be close to 100. 

He was born in December 1909

Not the person I know. Amazing that there were two George Harrises who worked at the Marine Department (then Harbour Office) around that period. 

As an aside, I must say that Gwulo is a great website especially for those whose connections with Hong Kong go back a long time. 


There were four daughters and four sons as follows. 

Harris    (Miss) Pearl Daughter of GBE Harris 4-Jul-29
Harris   (Miss) Grace Daughter of GBE Harris 8-Mar-32
Harris    (Miss) Joyce Daughter of GBE Harris 17-May-34
Harris    (Miss) Evelyn Ann Daughter of GBE Harris 17-Jan-36
Harris Ronald  Son of GBE Harris 27-Jun-37
Harris Ricard H Son of GBE Harris 15-Jan-39
Harris Frederick Son of GBE Harris 13-Jul-40
Harris William Bernard Son of GBE Harris - born in Camp 5-Aug-43