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"Light Airs" Vol. VI

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Mon, 1929-07-01 to Mon, 1929-09-30

"Light Airs" in seven volumes was the journal of the 4th Submarine Flotilla. The submarines seem to have each taken it in turns to compile a volume of the journal. Printed by Kelly & Walsh Ltd., Hong Kong, Vol. VI was compiled by members of the crew of HM Submarine L3. The editor was R.G. Liveing and the pages I shall be uploading is from the copy kept by the commanding officer, Lt.-Cdr. W. R. Fell. The journal  gives a flavour of life on a submarine and is a nice example of 1920s humour - submariner humour.


Light Airs prelim page.JPG
Light Airs prelim page.JPG, by Jill


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Light Airs Editorial.jpeg, by Jil


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LightAirs p3.jpeg, by Jill


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LightAirs p4.jpeg, by Jill


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LightAirs p5.jpeg, by Jill


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LightAirs p6.jpeg, by Jill


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LightAirs p18.jpeg, by Jill


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LightAirs p19.jpeg, by Jill


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LightAirs p20.jpeg, by Jill