A Small Band Of Men - An Englishman's Adventures in Hong Kong's Marine Police

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Les Bird joined the Hong Kong Marine Police in 1976 during a period of rapid change in one of the British Empire’s few remaining colonies, and witnessed the last years of the hard-working, hard-drinking colonial policemen handing out rough justice in the World of Suzie Wong. He led his men in combat with the growing organized crime in the years leading up to the handover of the colony back to China in 1997 and was one of a handful of senior officers instrumental in dealing with highly sensitive issues including a flood of refugees fleeing Vietnam and the increase in the smuggling of guns, drugs, people and luxury goods either to or from Communist China.

Filled with gripping stories spanning 20 years, A Small Band of Men follows Bird and his cohorts including his mentor, “Diamond” Don Bishop, an eccentric officer whose volatile temper, larger-than-life personality and overbearing presence was a major influence in Bird’s career. These tales provide a fascinating insight into the intersection of cultures that is Hong Kong. Supported by his second-in-command, Joe Poon, Bird gained the trust of his band of men to such an extent that they were willing to follow him into danger, even at the risk of their own lives. 

You can read a sample chapter here on Gwulo. Chapter 21, DEADLY GAME, describes the 'Daai Fei', the fast speedboats used by smugglers, and how the Marine Police dealt with them.

The paperback is now available in Bookazine in Exchange Square. It will appear in other stores over the coming week. Online, the paperback can be ordered now from www.earnshawbooks.com or by emailing orders@earnshawbooks.com

The book is also available on Amazon Kindle.

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A Small Band of Men in Bookazine, by Les Bird
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Since the days of the Opium Wars, Hong Kong has been on the trading route between East Asia and the rest of the world. Its geographically strategic location made Hong Kong a financial and economic gateway to…