Rowing Club Members

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 19:27

Raymond Smith hands on hips, Maurice Arnold first left. John Lander, Olympic rowing medallist, in background. Others unknown.

Date picture taken


The photo was taken In front of the RHKYC clubhouse in Oil Streeet, North Point. This building still exists and is administered by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department for art exhibitions. In the centre of the group, at the back, is John Lander, who was the club's Rowing Captain from 1929 to 1930. He was a distinguished oarsman who stroked the British coxless four to a gold medal in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games. As there are nine people in the picture it is possible that they, including a coxswain, were the crew of an eight. Working for the Asiatic Petroleum Company, Lander was transferred to Manila in August 1930 and through the 1930s was a leading light in the Manila Boat Club. He returned to Hong Kong to help defend it against the Japanese, was killed at Stanley on Christmas Day 1941 and is buried in the Sai Wan War Cemetary. He was the only British Olympic gold medallist to die in the second world war.

Noticed the same photo appears here (scroll to Page 12) in the Pictorial Supplement of the Hong Kong Telegraph dated 1 March 1930.

The caption reads: Above are seen members of the Asiatic Petroleum and Hong Kong Electric Companies' crews which took part in the Inter-Hong rowing race for the Hornell Cup last week. The A. P. C. were first, Jardine's second and Electric Co. third. Photo  by G. T. Padgett.

Another photo by Padgett on the same page shows the crew of the Electric Co. setting off in their boat. Names are E. Thompson, R. W. Smith, W. Stoker, M. H. Arnold and A. R. Cox. 

Retracing - the rowing event took place on 21 February 1930 as mentioned here in the Hong Kong Telegraph the next day. The winning crew of the A. P. C. comprised T. Lindars, R. G. Edwardes-Jones, G. May, J. G. H. Lander (Stroke) and R. Young (Cox).