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  • Does anyone recognise the building from the 1950s-60s in the upper centre of the photo below? It was in TST on the south side of Salisbury Road, across the road from the YMCA, and in front of the KCR terminus. I think it housed the Post Office's Kowloon sorting office, and may also have housed a postal facility for the British Armed Forces, but I don't have any firm proof. If you have any information about it, or can point me to any photos with a clearer view of it, please let me know.
    • HE Arrives Outside Peninsula Hotel
      HE Arrives Outside Peninsula Hotel, by Gordon Randall
  • R.A.F. Kong Wei, listening post [c.1952-????]
  • Kai Pak Ling [????- ]
  • Nam Koo Terrace 南固台 #55 Ship Street (IL 2140) [c.1918- ]
  • Miu Keng Terrace 妙鏡台, #53 Ship Street, 1-5 Schooner Street (IL 2093 RP & IL 2093 S.A RP) [????- ]
  • A Hing photographic studio [c.1909-c.1935]
  • Streets: Cornwall AvenueLun Fat Street




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Hong Kong Electric Laundry(Wanchai)2.
Hong Kong Electric Laundry(Wanchai)2., by Peter Keeley


Hong Kong Electric Laundry (Wanchai).
Hong Kong Electric Laundry (Wanchai)., by Peter Keeley


Hong Kong, street view, ca. 1900, by Charles in Shanghai


c.1916 Thomas Cecil Glendinning
c.1916 Thomas Cecil Glendinning, by Sandra Trimble


Stanley battery
Stanley battery, by Derek Lo


Battys k.
Battys k., by Peter Keeley


Battys i.
Battys i., by Peter Keeley


Battys c.
Battys c., by Peter Keeley


Loading cargo by hand at Ocean Terminal TST 1960s
Loading cargo by hand at Ocean Terminal TST 1960s, by Michael J. Neuman


The sign has been re-erected, by laicwk24


Kong Wei turn off Castle Peak road.
Kong Wei turn off Castle Peak road., by Gordon Innes


Filling station between Sek Kong and Kong Wei.
Filling station between Sek Kong and Kong Wei., by Gordon Innes


Capitol Cinema.
Capitol Cinema., by Albert Hunt


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