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Looking for Hong Kong expert

Hi, there,

I'm a writer who is looking for a local Hong Kong expert to provide a quote and/or information and/or cultural insight for an article I'm writing for an Internet site. I can't provide payment but I can tell you it's a very respected, well-known site. I can provide further details but it has to do with the funeral supply stores in the Sheung Wan area. If anyone happens to be in the funeral industry in HK that would be incredible. 

Just let me know how I can reach you and I will! Again, I'm looking for a Chinese person for this as all my sources so far have been European, American, etc. and I would really like a local perspective on this. 

Thank you so much!



Hi Courtney,

Leung Chun Woon Kee is company founded in the early 1900s that specialises in selling graveclothes.  In recent years, it has expanded to other funeral services and has published a few books and pamphlets.  The owner seems to be receptive of media interviews.  Perhaps you can try contacting the company?

Thank you so very much for this information! I actually tried emailing them a few months ago and got no response, unfortunately. It may have been because I used Google Translation and the translation wasn't very good but it's all I had, unfortunately. I still appreciate your response! 

Hi Courtney,

You are welcome. Perhaps it is worth visiting the store or talking on the phone. The books (in Chinese) published by the company may have the information you need.

Hi Courtney

Pls give me your email and I can send you a contact whom may be able to help with your request.



Unfortunately, I'm in New York right now and can't speak Chinese but I appreciate the thought!

Hi, Nelson,

Thank you so much! I've already filed the article but they might be able to hold it off if they know I have more information!

Is there a way I can send you my email less publicly than on this forum?

Thank you so much--I really appreciate it!

I am only going to send you an email contact of a member of the Leung family mentioned above. He is well versed in English. I know of him passingly and think maybe he can give you some pointers. Out of courtesy I'd rather not to post his email on this forum.


I completely understand--thank you so much! My email is clichterman@gmail.com


Thank you so very much!