Helena CASTRO (née FOEGAL, aka Nellie) [c.1890-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Helena CASTRO (née FOEGAL, aka Nellie) [c.1890-????]

Alias / nickname: 
c.1890-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (town, state): 
Hong Kong


I'm looking for information on Helena Foegal. She lived in HK and had 3 children wih Ricardo (Richard) Mauricio Castro. One of her children was my grandmother Ismalia Maria Castro. If you have any information on Helena (who may have gone by the name Nellie) or the Foegal family from HK or Shanghai. Please contact me.



Have seen your note here and also now on Ancestry.com

According to SCMP archives, a Richard Maurice Castro had fallen on hard times in 1927.  Newspaper article title refers to 10 children but unnamed.  Refers to a stepson also.

An article about the same matter the week prior refers to him as Richard Morris Castro.

In 1928 another Castro passes away; this one is called C.M. Castro and the obituary refers to surviving sons, one of whom is named Richard.  Also says C.M. Castro had TEN sons and FIVE daughter and SIXTY grandchildren!!

Your message on Ancestry refers to Teresa... A SCMP article from 1954 refers to Theresa Avalina Castro marrying Colin William Gates.  Indicates this Theresa is daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R.M.H. Castro.  Could be Richard Maurice/Morris and a third name for the H. Initial.

There are records on ancestry for the the immigration of a Osborne William Henriques Foegel born 1918 in Hong Kong.  Searching that surname on Ancestry and SCMP archives really brings up nothing so I wonder if that surname rare in Hong Kong and hence this Osborne is a relative of your Helena, could be a brother?  If they had a big family, ages difference totally possible.  Osborne was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W Foegal of Hong Kong (as per engagement notice in the paper to Miss Milly Bernardo.  Osborne died in the USA - you can find his records on Ancestry and Find A Grave.

I don't know if you have all of the above.  Your note on the Ancestry message boards gives a link to https://www.macanesefamilies.com/ but I'm not a member of that.  




Thank you for your message. Can you email me the SCMP article from 1927 re: Richard Castro? I don’t have that one.

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