1930s Mount Kellett

Sat, 05/20/2017 - 07:38
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Lots of old buildings are shown in this photo, so a sketch helps to identify them.

1930's Mount Kellett
1930's Mount Kellett, by gw

The following building names are as they appear on the 1924 Peak Map (https://gwulo.com/atom/13017) unless otherwise stated;

A.  Matilda Hospital.

B. Kellett Lodge (extension) or its later replacement "Erewhon" (from 1950's Peak Map).

C. This seems to be the vacant site of RBL 190 on the 1924 map, upon which Kellett Manor, 185 The Peak was later built and appers on the 1950's Peak Map.

D. Eredine.

E. Kenlis.

F. No building in this position on the 1924 map. Marked as Kellett House, 196 The Peak in the 1950's map.

G. Not sure about this one. Maybe part of Des Voeux Villas (H below), but probably not as seems to be a completely different design. The 1950's map has "Ellandonan", 168 The Peak, in roughly the same position so that's a possibility.

H. Des Voeux Villas.

I. War Memorial Nursing Home/Royal Navy Hospital/BMH Mount Kellett.

J. Dunford.

K. The Chalet.

L. Labeled "Edordale" on the 1924 map, but more commonly written as "Ebordale".

M. Peak Pavilions.

N. The Mount.

O. This is the most difficult to identify. Initially I thought it was the rear of "Red Hill", but there are some  differences between the building seen here and the rear of Red Hill as seen nearest the camera in https://gwulo.com/atom/28024. Based on its position in relation to the other buildings, I'm now thinking it's "Hill Side", 303-4 The Peak but I can't find any photos of that building for comparison. If not "Hill Side", then "Strawberry Hill", 354 The Peak, is another possibility, but it seems less likely as "Creggan", 351 The Peak, should be visible between the photographer and The Mount (Bulding N).

P. Dunnotar.

Q. Peak School.

R. Government Villa.