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191 The Peak, "Erawhon" [????- ]

The name is hard to read, so please correct me if I've got it wrong. It appears on a map dated 1938.

Photos that show this place



I am trying to track down any pictures and maps of what was at 191 “The Peak” in 1933 --- apparently my father was actually born there. If anyone thinks they may have a shot or two, or know any history of the area in that era, please send. Most all history on my fathers side of the family has been lost, other then his birth certificate, and it would be great to get some of the information back.

Eredine perhaps ?

It is about the right location per the 1924 map - near Matilda Hospital and Bangour.   The latest incarnation has the same name. 

If you can give us his father's surname - and we may be able to find him on the jurors list.

On the 1938 map, Eredine is marked as #184, and is a little further south around Mt Kellett.

I think #191 is the pale-coloured building roughly in the centre of this picture:

Ho Tung Garden

Michael, any history you can share about why your grand-parents were living up the Peak? It was / is an expensive area to live, so I guess your grand-father worked for a big company.

Zoom in on this 1924 map and you will see the exact location of 191 The Peak.  Click on the other half to see the key - which shows no name, just a lot number, RBL 199.



And from the PRO:

RBL 199, Crown land at Mount Kellett - application of Messrs. Little, Adams & Wood for purchase (1921-24)

My grandfathers surname was Edwin Leeb Judd --- thank you

All I can find at this point is: My grandfather was Edwin Leeb Judd, a career soldier, later an executive with ICI. He was born in Johannesburg South Africa. My grandmother was Violet Mable Judd/Michael Sale ---- hence My fathers full name was Peter Michael Sale Judd. She was born in Yokohama Japan. Unfortunately that is about all I know. Would love to know more about what they did and where they came from ---- but mostly I would love a good pic etc…. of where my dad was born. Thanks Michael

Just a quick check in to see if anyone new has any info