Dunnottar, RBL 20 [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

1909 map (www.gwulo.com/atom/14774) shows "Dunnottar" at No. 82 The Peak.

1912 map (www.gwulo.com/atom/13074 ) shows "Dunottar" on RBL 20.

1924 map (www.gwulo.com/atom/13017 ) lists "Dunottar" as No.253 The Peak on RBL 20.

1950's map (www.gwulo.com/atom/14175 ) has "Dunotta" at No.253 The Peak.

1960's map (www.gwulo.com/atom/15993) says "Dunottar" at No. 8 Peel Rise.

Lots of spellings and addresses for the same location!

Photos that show this Place


Gilford Negs 004.jpg
Gilford Negs 004.jpg, by Sharon Oddie Brown

Dunnottar is the white bungalow in the middle of the photo above, whilst below it's centre left.

c.1905 Buildings on the Peak
c.1910 Buildings on the Peak, by David

Lastly, it's in the middle of the photo coloured white and brown with an orange roof.

Mt. Gough from Mt. Kellett
Mt. Gough from Mt. Kellett, by annelisec