European Staff No.2 Police Station Hong Kong 1935 on the retirement of Inspt. McLellan

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L/Sgt. Blackbourn, L/Sgt. Clarke, L/Sgt. Wass, P/Sgt. Edwards. L/Sgt . Fitzpatrick, L/Sgt. Headridge, L/Sgt. MacPherson,

P/Sgt. Charman, P/Sgt. Fitches, Inspt. McLellan D.I. E., S.I. Thorpe, A. P/Sgt. Hill.

Date picture taken


Yes, A. P/Sgt Hill is James Hill, A93. He was one of three Japanese language translators used by Franklin Gimson during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. He could speak Cantonese (3 certificates), Hakka (2 certificates), Hoklo (1 certificate) and Japanese (4 certificates).

Born 4th April 1905 in Dundee, Scotland.

Died 14th February 1984 at Harefield Hospital Middlesex. His ashes were placed on the grave of his deceased wife, Nora Hill (nee Jack) on her grave at Barnhill Cemetery, Broughty Ferry, Scotland.