Original Peak School - Peak Fire Station [1915- ]

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The Peak School has a long and proud tradition of service to the local community. From humble beginnings in 1911, when about six children were taught in one room of a house on the Peak, the school grew rapidly and soon occupied a suite of rooms in the old Peak Hotel. Some time later the school moved to what is now the Peak Fire Station, a building used latterly as an annexe known as "Little Peak" until it became The Peak Fire Station in 1966.

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The school later moved to its current site on Plunketts Road.

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LegCo 1915

Hill District School
THE CHAIRMAN―What is called an open-
air class-room has been made into an ordinary
class-room, which was found to be necessary,
at a cost of $1,200. ... certain extras are
necessary such as additional walling, and
fencing in the countyard owing to alterations
in the position of the building, necessitated by
the shape and difficult nature of the site. It was
a very difficult site to put a building on, and
really it was not known where it would go
until the site was made.

LegCo 1918

The Headmistress of the Peak School
has been placed on the initial sterling salary of
the Headmistress of the Belilios Public School,
as it was considered better not to remove her
from the Peak School where she is doing
excellent work. One Assistant Mistress has
been added to the staff of the Peak School, and
as the whole of the buildings are now required
for the school the Headmistress has been given
a House allowance of $600 a year on vacating
the quarters.


Religious Knowledge
English language and literature

French ('Direct method')
Swedish Drill
Music (Piano)
Domestic Economy
Drawing (Modern Method)
Latin (Elementary and least essential)

A cultured voice and manner are essential.

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If I recall correctly my pre school year (1953- 54) was in this bldg-as I turned 5 in June '54 and my parents had moved from Tai Po Rd (Kowloon side)  to Lugard Rd in Nov '53 ; but it wasn't until after grade 1 (1954-55)  that my class moved to the new PS bldg that had opened on Plunkett's Rd, where we started grade 2.

I can remember being annoyed when my elder sister (Anne) teased me for still being in the 'Little' PS


According to Para.100 of the 1915 PWD Report the building was completed and occupied at the end of September 1915, the tender for construction having been awarded in December 1914. Grateful if the completion date can be changed please.