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1884 Ladies Directory

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Year absent Family Title Given Unit Building name No. Street District and
1884   Adams Mrs. W. S. Forest Lodge Caine Road  
1884   Ando Mrs. Taro 7 Caine Road  
1884   Anton Mrs. J. Ross College Gardens  
1884   Aitken Mrs. A. G. Nullah Side  
1884   Anderson Mrs. MacEwen Frickell & Co Queen's Road East  
1884   Armstrong Mrs. J. M. Kurrahjeen Garden Road  
1884   Arthur Mrs. W. M. B. Central School  
1884   Backhouse Mrs. J. B. Murray Barracks  
1884   Baily Mrs. H. M. Mosque Terrace  
1884   Bain Mrs. W. N. East Point  
1884   Ball Mrs. J. D. West Terrace  
1884   Barff Mrs. S. The Hut Castle Road  
1884   Barclay Mrs. T. G. 4 Blue Buildings  
1884   Belilios Mrs. E. R. Kingsclere Caine Road  
1884   Bird Mrs. S. G. Seymour Terrace  
1884   Bowdler Mrs. E. Fung-Shui Mount Gough
1884   Bowen Lady Government House
1884   Brackenbury Mrs. Mosque Terrace
1884   Brewer Mrs. W. Stanley Street
1884   Brewster Mrs. J. Blue Buildings
1884   Bulgin Mrs. J. West Terrace
1884   Burnie Mrs E. Seymour Terrace
1884   Bunker Mrs. C. G. Elgin Street
1884   Buschmann Mrs. R. 6 Praya Central
1884   Carr Miss Messrs. Rose & Co. Queen's Road
1884   Cercal Baroness do Beaconsfield Arcade
1884   Cohen Mrs. C. C. Seymour Terrace
1884   Cook Mrs. J. Stag Hotel
1884   Cooke Mrs. R. 1 Westbourne Villas
1884   Corcoran Mrs. No.7 Police Station
1884   Coughtrie Mrs. J. B. Belmont Castle Road
1884   Cox Mrs. J. S. The Peak
1884   Cox Mrs. J. H. West Terrace
1884   Dalrymple Mrs. H. L. Stranraer Robinson Road
1884   Danby Mrs. W. Westbourne Villas Bonham Road
1884   Dejardin Mrs. Arbuthnot Road
1884   Dempster Mrs. Police Station Tsim Tsa Tsui
1884   Dennys Mrs. H. L. Brockhurst Peak
1884   Dickie Mrs. H. East Point
1884   Driscoll Mrs. T. N. 3 West Terrace
1884   Eitel Mrs. E. J. 18a Shelly Street
1884   Erdmann Mrs. C. Shelley Street
1884   Falconer Mrs A. Superintendents Quarters Victoria Gaol
1884   Fenwick Mrs. G. Praya East
1884   Ferguson Mrs. G. East Point
1884   Fincham Mrs. H 5 Richmond Terrace
1884   Fisher Mrs. Royal Naval Hospital Wanchai
1884   Fleming Mrs. J. M. Elgin Street
1884   Forbes Mrs. W. H. Rose Hill Caine Road
1884   Ford Mrs. C. Albany Road
1884   Forrest Mrs. William Glanseskins Castle Road
1884   Foster Mrs. F. E. Seymour Terrace
1884   Foster Mrs. F. T. P. Robinson Road
1884   Fournier Mrs. H. Club Chambers
1884   Fraser-Smith Mrs. R. 7 Pedder's Hill
1884   Fraser-Smith Mrs. S. M. 7 Pedder's Hill
1884   Gelston Mrs. Blue Buildings
1884   Glass Mrs. T. Praya Central
1884   Goggin Mrs. West Villas
1884   Gray Mrs. B. C. T. Cringleford Robinson Road
1884   Grey Mrs. T. Central Police Station
1884   Grimble Miss Alexandra Terrace
1884   Guedes Mrs. F. D. 5 D'Aguilar Street
1884   Guedes Mrs. J. M. 33 Wellington Street
1884   Hahn Mrs. Beaconsfield Arcade
1884   Hambling Mrs. St. Paul's College
1884   Harrison Mrs. H. D. Murray Barracks
1884   Hauschild Mrs. L. 1 Alexandra Terrace
1884   Hayward Mrs. Queen's Road East
1884   Hazeland Mrs. Bonham Road
1884   Heermann Mrs. C. O. 3 The Albany
1884   Ho Kai Mrs. Ampfield Robinson Road
1884   Hobson Mrs. F. T. Murray Barracks
1884   Hobson Mrs. F. T. Mount Kellett Bungalow The Peak
1884   Holmes Mrs. H. J. Kowloon
1884   Horspool Mrs. G. Central Police Station
1884   Howarth Mrs. W. C. The Bungalow Kowloon
1884   Humphreys Mrs. W. G. Queen's Road Central
1884   Hunter Mrs. Richmond Terrace
1884   Hurley Mrs. R. C. Ice House Ice House Lane
1884   Jackson Mrs. T. St. John's Place
1884   Jennings Mrs. W. West Terrace
1884   Johnson Mrs. A. B. 2 Morrison Hill
1884   Judah Mrs. Caine Road
1884   Kirkwood Mrs. T. Mosque Terrace
1884   Kennedy-Edwards Mrs. 2 Pedder's Hill
1884   King Mrs. G. J. W. 16 Hollywood Road
1884   Lammert Mrs. G. R. Praya Central
1884   Leatherbarrow Mrs. T. M. Praya West
1884   Legge Mrs W. Marlingford Robinson Road
1884   Loureiro Mrs. J. da S. Portugese Consulate
1884   Livesey Mrs. Stonecutter's Island
1884   Linstead Mrs. The Den Robinson Road
1884   Lyall Mrs. J. Mosque Terrace
1884   Marsh Mrs. W. H. Caine Road
1884   McEuen Mrs. J. P. Mosque Terrace
1884   Mackintosh Mrs. E. Craigellachie Bonham Road
1884   Mackie Mrs. A. Shau·ki·wan
1884   Mencarini Mrs. A. 1 Ball's Court
1884   McEwen Mrs. A. P. Cloudlands The Peak
1884   McEwen Mrs. A. P. West Terrace
1884   McCallum Mrs. J. Westbourne Villas
1884   Macrae Mrs. Mosque Terrace
1884   Musso Mrs. C. D. 229 Praya West
1884   Morris Mrs. A. G. West Terrace
1884   Noronha Mrs. D. Zetland Street
1884   Nazer Mrs. J. S. Blue Buildings
1884   Noble Mrs. G. E. St. John's Place
1884   O'Malley Mrs. Morrison Hill
1884   Obadaya Mrs Pedder's Hill
1884   Orley Mrs. G. Central Market
1884   Ost Mrs. J. B. Bonham Road
1884   Phillippo Lady Belle Vue
1884   Piercy Mrs. C. Diocesan School Bonham Road
1884   Pocock Mrs. T. G. Richmond Terrace West Point
1884   Poesnecker Mrs. L The Albany
1884   Powell Mrs. W. Sayle & Co. Queen's Road
1884   Reid Mrs. Wyndham Street
1884   Rogers Mrs The Peak
1884   Rooke Mrs. J. Sayle & Co. Queen's Road
1884   Rose Mrs. E. Pedder's Hill
1884   Remedios Mrs. Caine Road
1884   Rozario Mrs M. do Stanley Street
1884   Romano Mrs. A. G. Duart Arbuthnot Road
1884   Rodgers Miss Belmont Caine Road
1884   Radecker Mrs. R. Wyndham Street
1884   Siebs Mrs. N. A. The Albany
1884   Seth Mrs. A. Baxter House Bonham Road
1884   Sampson Mrs. A. F. Praya West
1884   Stockhausen Mrs. F. W. von Ice House Ice House Lane
1884   Seimund Mrs. C. H. E. East Point
1884   Stockwell Mrs. J. Mosque Terrace
1884   Stopani Mrs. A. Tug Fame
1884   Stephens Mrs. M. J. D. Rocklands Robinson Road
1884   Schmidt Mrs. William Beaconsfield Arcade
1884   Scott Mrs. W. L. Kowloon Docks
1884   Stainfield Mrs. G Fletcher's Buildings
1884   Shepherd Mrs. Bruce Morrison Hill
1884   Smith Mrs. H. Cosmopolitan Dock
1884   Sargent Mrs. Head-Quarter House
1884   Smith Mrs. J. G. Seymour Terrace
1884   Smith Mrs. Wyndham Street
1884   Smith Mrs. W. McGregor West Terrace
1884   Smith Mrs. C. Vincent Rose Hill 6 Caine Road
1884   Sayle Mrs. Dalton Idlewild Castle Road
1884   Smith Mrs. J. H. Rose Cottage Castle Road
1884   Solomon Mrs. R. Elgin Street
1884   Taylor Mrs. Elgin Street
1884   Thomson Mrs. W. A. West Terrace
1884   Thompson Mrs. D. Yau-ma-ti
1884   Thurburn Mrs. Morrison Hill
1884   Thornton Miss Caine Road
1884   Thevenin Mrs. C. L. Pedder's Hill
1884   Urquhart Mrs. F. Pechili Terrace Elgin Street
1884   Vernon Mrs. J. Y. V. Rose Villas
1884   Wodehouse Mrs. H. E. Magistracy
1884   Wharry Mrs. C. J. Government Civil Hospital Bonham Road
1884   Wright Mrs. G. H. B. 5 Seymour Terrace Seymour Road
1884   Wilcox Mrs. R. C. Wyndham Street
1884   Willmott Mrs. Hongkong dispensary
1884   Walker Mrs 4 Morrison Hill
1884   Wicking Mrs. H. Blue Buildings
1884   Young Mrs. M. 13 Seymour Terrace
1884   Young Mrs. W. S. Morrison Hill


Thanks for putting this up, it's a great resource. Even a cursory glance reveals wives of policemen, lawyers and other officials who wouldn't appear on Jury Lists, thereby giving us their addresses. Mrs Wodehouse, by the way, was the mother of Bertie Wooster creator, PG Wodehouse, and Mrs Orley was the wife of the Inspector of Markets, George Orley, hence her unusual address.

Yes, many thanks to Annelise for typing these up and sharing them with us.

To anyone that would like to help on something similar, were always looking for volunteers to help type up the jury lists.

Regards, David