1887 Ladies Directory | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1887 Ladies Directory

1887 I especially like the whimsically named house "As You Like It" on Old Peak Road.

Year absent Surname Title First Name Unit Building name No. Street District and
1887   Ackroyd Mrs.     Rockyda   Mount Kellet Peak and
1887   Ackroyd Mrs.   3 Seymour Terrace       and
1887   Adams Mrs. W. S.   Forest Lodge   Caine Road   and
1887   Adams Mrs. W. S.   The Cliffs   Mount Gough Peak and
1887   Aitken Miss     Nullah Side        
1887   Alves Mrs. A. F.       Caine Road    
1887   Alves Miss J. L. da. S.   Mosque Terrace        
1887   Alves Mrs. J. M.       Chancery Lane    
1887   Anderson Mrs. James       Queen's Road East    
1887   Anderson Miss           East Point  
1887   Anton Mrs. Ross   Haystack     Peak and
1887   Anton Mrs. Ross   Seymour Terrace       and
1887   Apenes Mrs.     Victoria Hotel        
1887   Armstrong Mrs. J. M.   Kurrahjeen        
1887   Arthur Mrs. W. M. B.   Central School        
1887   Atkinson Mrs.   9 Belilios Terrace        
1887   Bain Mrs. G. M. 10 Seymour Terrace        
1887   Ball Mrs. Dyer 6 West Terrace        
1887   Ball Mrs.   6 West Terrace   Castle Road    
1887   Barff Mrs. S.   The Hut   Castle Road    
1887   Barros Mrs. F.       Wyndham Street    
1887   Bateman Mrs.     St. Paul's College        
1887   Bateman Miss     St. Paul's College        
1887 absent Belilios Mrs. E. R.   Kingsclere       and
1887 absent Belilios Mrs. E. R.   The Eyrie       and
1887   Bell-Irving Mrs. J.   The Mount   Mount Gough Peak and
1887   Bell-Irving Mrs. J.         East Point and
1887 absent Bird Mrs. S. G.   The Grotto   Robinson Road    
1887   Blackburn Mrs.     Richmond Terrace        
1887   Blandy Mrs.     Hongkong Hotel        
1887   Bose Mrs. Von     Bellevue        
1887   Bowdler Mrs. E.   Fung-Shui   Mount Gough  
1887   Boyd Mrs. J. W.         Kowloon Docks
1887   Boyd Mrs. T.       Elgin Street  
1887   Boyes Mrs. T.         Kowloon Docks
1887   Brereton Miss A          
1887   Brewer Mrs. W.     6 Queen's Road Central  
1887   Brewer Miss       6 Queen's Road Central  
1887   Brooke Mrs. A. de V.   Hazeldene   Robinson Road  
1887   Brost Mrs. H.         Kowloon Docks
1887   Burdon Mrs.     St. Paul's College      
1887   Burnie Mrs E.   Brockhurst   Robinson Road  
1887   Buyers Mrs. A.       Kowloon Docks  
1887   Byramjee Mrs.       2 Old Bailey Street  
1887   Caldwell Mrs. D. E. 1 West Villas      
1887   Cameron Miss B   Head Quarter House      
1887   Cameron Miss S   Head Quarter House      
1887   Cameron Mrs.     Head Quarter House    
1887   Cameron Miss     Head Quarter House    
1887   Candler Mrs.   3 West Terrace    
1887   Carvalho Miss Edith       Arbuthnot Road
1887   Carvalho Mrs. M. A.       Caine Road
1887   Carvalho Miss Maria       Arbuthnot Road
1887   Carvalho Miss         Arbuthnot Road
1887   Chalmers Mrs.     London Mission House    
1887   Chalmers Miss     London Mission House    
1887   Champeaux Miss de 2 The Albany   Albany Road
1887   Champeaux Mrs. de 2 The Albany    
1887   Chaytor Mrs.     Murray Barracks    
1887   Clarke Mrs. W. E. 2 Blue Buildings   Praya East
1887   Coates Mrs.     Hongkong Hotel    
1887   Cohen Mrs.     Burnside   Robinson Road
1887   Compton Mrs.   8 Belilios Terrace    
1887   Cook Mrs. J.   Stag Hotel   Queen's Road  
1887   Cook Mrs. J. F. G.   Richmond Terrace      
1887   Cooke Mrs. R.       Robinson Road  
1887   Copland Mrs.   2 Belilios Terrace      
1887   Corcoran Mrs.     Stanley Police Station      
1887   Costa Mrs. P. A. da       Elgin Street  
1887   Coughtrie Mrs. J. B.   Belmont   Castle Road  
1887   Cox Mrs. J. H. 2 West Villas   Castle Road  
1887   Cramp Mrs. J.   Belvedere Terrace   Bonham Road  
1887   Crawford Miss D.   Craigieburn     Peak
1887   Crawford Mrs. D. R.   Craigieburn     Peak
1887   Crawford Miss     Craigieburn     Peak
1887   Croisdale Mrs.       7 Mosque Terrace  
1887   Croisdale Miss       7 Mosque Terrace  
1887   Crown Miss         Albany Road  
1887   Davis Mrs. H. W.       Robinson Road  
1887   Deane Mrs. W. M.   Police Compound        
1887   Dear Mrs.     Dunford   Mount Kellet    
1887   DeJersey Miss     Fairlea   Bonham Road    
1887   Dempster Mrs.     Police Station     Kowloon Point  
1887   Dennys Mrs. H. L.   Brockhurst     Peak  
1887   Denson Mrs.     Myrtle Villa     Kowloon  
1887   Detmers Mrs. W.     1 Wyndham Street    
1887   Dove Mrs. H. 5 Richmond Terrace        
1887   Duggan Mrs.         Shelley Street    
1887   Ede Mrs.     Dunheved   Victoria Gap   and
1887   Ede Mrs.   6 Seymour Terrace       and
1887   Eitel Mrs. E. J.       Caine Road    
1887   Eitel Miss         Caine Road    
1887   Ellis Mrs.     Beryl     Kowloon  
1887   Ezra Mrs.         Caine Road    
1887   Fairall Miss       10 Queen's Road Central    
1887   Fenwick Mrs. G.       Praya East    
1887   Fisher Mrs.     Royal Naval Hospital     Wanchai  
1887   Fisher Miss     Royal Naval Hospital        
1887   Foley Mrs.     Cloudlands     Peak  
1887   Forbes Mrs. J. M.   China Sugar Refinery     East Point  
1887   Ford Mrs. C.       Albany Road    
1887   Foster Mrs. Pearce   Stonehaven   Robinson Road   and
1887   Foster Mrs. Pearce   Beau Site     Pek and
1887   Fournier Miss         Upper Wyndham Street    
1887   Garrels Mrs.       11 Praya East    
1887   Gate Miss       10 Queens Road Central    
1887   Goggin Mrs.           West Point  
1887   Gomes Mrs. J. B.       Wellington Street    
1887   Gonsalves Mrs. C. J.     8 Wyndham Street    
1887   Gordon Mrs.   Superintendent's quarter Victoria Gaol        
1887   Gower Mrs. S. J.   Sunnyside   Bonham Road    
1887   Grey Mrs.     Magistracy      
1887   Grimble Mrs. F.   Austin Arms     Peak
1887   Grimble Mrs. P.   Alexandra Terrace      
1887   Grotefend Miss     Berlin Foundling House   Bonham Road  
1887   Guedes Mrs. F. D.     15 Wellington Street  
1887   Guterres Mrs. A. P.       Elgin Street  
1887   Gutierres Mrs. M.   Elgin Villa   Caine Road  
1887   Hance Mrs.   8 Seymour Terrace      
1887   Hanlon Mrs. J. M.   Victoria School 1 Hollywood Road  
1887   Harman Mrs. C. D.   Ravenshill   Robinson Road  
1887 absent Harmon Mrs. J. R.     33 Queen's Road Central  
1887 absent Hartigan Mrs.     The Hermitage   Caine Road  
1887   Hartmann Mrs.     Berlin Foundling House   Bonham Road  
1887   Hauschild Mrs.   1 West Terrace      
1887   Hauschild Miss   1 West Terrace      
1887   Hayward Mrs.         Queen's Road East  
1887   Hazeland Miss Winifred   Priory Lodge      
1887   Hazeland Mrs.     Priory Lodge   Bonham Road  
1887   Hazeland Miss     Priory Lodge      
1887   Heermann Mrs. C.   The Albany      
1887   Hennessy Mrs.     Central Police Station      
1887   Herbert Miss     Oriental Bank      
1887   Herbst Mrs.         Queen's Road Central  
1887   Heuermann Mrs.         Queen's Road Central  
1887   Hirst Mrs.     As You Like It   Albany Road  
1887   Holmes Mrs. G.   Norman Cottage   Albany Road  
1887   Holmes Mrs. H. J.   Rosendale     Kowloon
1887   Holworthy Miss M. M.   Burnside   Robinson Road  
1887   Holworthy Miss     Burnside   Robinson Road  
1887   Hooper Mrs.     Seymour Terrace      
1887   Hopkins Miss     The Bungalow   Robinson Road  
1887   Horspool Mrs.     Police Compound      
1887   Howard Mrs.   1 Albany        
1887   Howroyd Mrs. J. E.   Hill Side Bungalow   High Street West Point  
1887   Hughes Miss Ethel   Marine Villa     Kowloon  
1887   Hughes Mrs. W.   Marine Villa     Kowloon  
1887   Hughes Miss     Marine Villa     Kowloon  
1887   Hugo Miss     Forest Lodge   Caine Road   and
1887   Hugo Miss     The Cliffs   Mount Gough   and
1887   Humphreys Mrs. J. D.   Richmond Terrace        
1887   Humphreys Mrs. W. G.     14 Queen's Road Central    
1887   Huntington Mrs.     Rose Hill   Caine Road    
1887   Hurley Mrs. R. C.            
1887   Hutchinson Mrs. J. D.   Kellet Spur   Mount Kellet Peak  
1887   Inglis Mrs. G. T.   Belvidere Terrace        
1887   James Mrs.     Blue Buildings   Praya East    
1887   Jameson Mrs. J. w.       Praya ?    
1887   Jameson Mrs. R. M.       West ?    
1887 absent Jennings Mrs. W.            
1887   Johnson Mrs. A. B.       Morrison Hill   and
1887   Johnson Mrs. A. B.   Bushy Cottage     Peak and
1887   Johnstone Miss     Fairlea   Bonham Road    
1887   Jones Mrs. J. W. 7 Belilios Terrace        
1887   Jones Mrs. R. 29 Elgin Terrace        
1887   Just Mrs. H.   Upper Albany        
1887   Keiser Mrs. J.   The Albany        
1887   King Mrs. G. J. W.       Mosque Junction    
1887   Kneebone Miss   8 Seymour Terrace        
1887   Kyles Mrs. J.       Kowloon dock    
1887   Lamke Mrs.   2 Lower Mosque Terrace        
1887   Lammert Mrs. G. R.   The Albany        
1887   Lammert Miss     The Albany        
1887   Lang Mrs.     Blue Buildings   Praya East    
1887   Layton Mrs.         Ice House Street    
1887   Leatherbarrow Mrs. T. M.       Praya West  
1887   Ledstone Mrs.     Belvedere Terrace   Bonham Road  
1887   Legge Mrs W.   Marlingford   Robinson Road  
1887   Leiria Miss Eugenia   Duart   Arbuthnot Road  
1887   Leiria Miss     Duart   Arbuthnot Road  
1887   Leslie Mrs. W. H.     7 Praya West  
1887   Lewis Mrs. H.     4 Mosque Street  
1887   Lightwood Mrs.     steamer Phra Chulo-Chom Klao      
1887   Lindsay Mrs. H.   No. 7 Police Station      
1887   Livesey Mrs.           Stonecutter's Island
1887   Lloyd Mrs.     Greenmount   Bonham Road  
1887   Lobb Miss L. 1 Ball's Court      
1887   Lobb Mrs.   1 Ball's Court   Bonham Road  
1887   Lobb Miss   1 Ball's Court   Bonham Road  
1887   Loxley Mrs. W. R.   Idlewild   Castle Road  
1887   Machado Mrs. J.       Arbuthnot Road  
1887   Machado Mrs. P.       Old Bailey Street  
1887   Mackie Mrs. A.   Wanchai Police Station.     Shau·ki·wan
1887   Magill Miss     Fairlea   Bonham Road  
1887   Malsch Mrs. C. C. 4 Seymour Terrace      
1887   Manson Mrs.     Rocklands   Robinson Road  
1887   Marinburk Mrs.       17 Queen's Road  
1887   Marsh Mrs. W. H.   Government House      
1887   Marsh Miss     Rose & Co. 33 Queen's Road  
1887   Matthews Miss     Rosendale     Kowloon
1887 absent McCallum Mrs. J.          
1887   McEwen Mrs. A. P.       Morrison Hill  
1887   Mehta Mrs. H. M.     41 Queen's Road  
1887   Millar Mrs. A.   Carlton Terrace   Queen's Road East  
1887   Minami ?     Japanese Consulate 7 Caine Road  
1887   Mitchell ?   6 Belilios Terrace      
1887   Mody Mrs. H. N.   Buxey Lodge   Caine Road  
1887   Moran Mrs.     Blue Buildings   Praya East  
1887   Morant Mrs.     H.M.S. Victor Emanuel      
1887   Morant Miss     H.M.S. Victor Emanuel      
1887   Morden Mrs. J.       Elgin Street  
1887   Mudie Mrs. J. R.       Kowloon Docks  
1887 absent Musso Mrs. D.         Pokfulam
1887   Newton Mrs.     str. Taichiow      
1887   Niedhardt Mrs.     Medical Hall 50 Queen's Road Central  
1887   Noronha Mrs. D.       Zetland Street  
1887   Obadaya Mrs. E. J.     8 Pedder's Hill  
1887   Obadaya Mrs J. E.     1 Pedder's Hill  
1887   Ost Mrs. J. B.     5 Bonham Road  
1887   Parker Mrs. A.     8 Upper Wyndham Street  
1887   Parker Mrs. W. C. E.   Naval Yard      
1887   Parlane Mrs. W.         East Point
1887   Phillippo Lady     La Hacienda   Mount Kellet  
1887   Piercy Mrs. G.   Diocesan School   Bonham Road  
1887   Poate Mrs. H.   The Chalet     Peak
1887   Poate Mrs. W.     5 Mosque Terrace  
1887   Pocock Mrs. T. G.   Fairlea   Bonham Road  
1887   Poesnecker Mrs. L   The Albany   Albany Road  
1887   Powell Mrs. W.       Caine Road  
1887   Quincey Miss A. A.   Rose Hill   Caine Road  
1887   Ramsay Mrs.         Third Street West Point
1887   Raynal Mrs.   3 Mosque Terrace      
1887   Reeves Miss           East Point
1887   Remedios Mrs. A. dos   Remedios Terrace      
1887   Remedios Mrs J. A. dos   Remedios Terrace      
1887   Remedios Mrs. J. C. dos       Chancery Lane  
1887   Remedios Mrs. J. H. dos       Caine Road  
1887   Remedios Mrs. J. M. dos       Elgin Street  
1887   Rewer Mrs.         Queen's Road  
1887   Robinson Mrs. N. J.   Hongkong Hotel    
1887   Rocha Mrs. C. V. da       Pottinger Street
1887   Rogers Miss     Belmont   Caine Road
1887   Romano Mrs. A. G.   Duart   Arbuthnot Road
1887   Rose Mrs. E.     27 Mosque Street
1887   Rowe Miss     London Mission House    
1887   Royall Miss C. 1 Douglas Villas   Caine Road
1887   Rozario Mrs. A. J. do       Staunton street
1887   Rozario Miss Augusta       Caine Road
1887   Rozario Miss L. do       Caine Road
1887   Rozario Mrs M. do       Caine Road
1887   Rutter Mrs. R. V.       Kowloon Docks
1887   Ryan Mrs.          
1887   Sangster Mrs.   4 Mosque Terrace    
1887   Sangster Miss   4 Mosque Terrace    
1887   Sayle Mrs. T. H.     31 Queen's Road Central
1887   Schmidt Mrs. W.   Beaconsfield Arcade        
1887   Scudder Mrs.   9 Seymour Terrace        
1887   Seimund Mrs. C. H. E.         East Point  
1887   Seth Mrs. A.   Baxter House   Bonham Road    
1887   Sharp Mrs. Hamilton   Cringleford   Robinson Road    
1887   Sharp Mrs.     Homestead     Peak and
1887   Sharp Mrs.     Rose Villa West       and
1887   Shuster Miss           East Point  
1887   Silva Mrs. J. M. da       Old Bailey Street    
1887   Smith Mrs. A. F.   Myrtle Bank     Peak  
1887   Smith Mrs. D. Warres 4 Belilios Terrace        
1887   Smith Mrs. H.       Cosmopolitan Dock    
1887   Smith Mrs. J. Grant   Greenmount   Bonham Road   and
1887   Smith Mrs. J. Grant   The Sheiling     Peak and
1887   Smith Mrs. J. H.   Rose Cottage   Castle Road    
1887   Smith Mrs. R. Fraser     7 Pedder's Hill    
1887   Solomon Mrs. R.       Elgin Street  
1887   Souza Mrs. E. F. de       Wyndham Street  
1887   Souza Mrs. F. de       Mosque Junction Spring Gardens
1887   Stockhausen Mrs. F. W. von   Ice House   Ice House Street  
1887   Stolterfoht Mrs.     As You Like It   Albany Road  
1887   Stopani Mrs. A.       Pedder's Hill  
1887   Stopani Miss         Pedder's Hill  
1887   Storer Mrs.     Hongkong Hotel      
1887   Sutton Miss     Rose Villa West      
1887   Swanston Mrs.     Wanchai Police Station.      
1887   Taylor Mrs. T.     8 Wyndham Street  
1887   Terry Mrs.           West Point
1887   Thomsett Miss Ada   The Bluff     Peak
1887   Thomsett Miss     The Bluff     Peak
1887   Thomson Mrs.     Yaumati Police Station      
1887   Travers mrs. A. K.     3 Morrison Hill  
1887   Urquhart Mrs. F.       Elgin Street    
1887   Veitch Mrs.         Lower St. John's Place    
1887   Vernon Mrs.         Robinson Road   and
1887   Vernon Mrs     The Falls     Peak and
1887   Vieira Mrs. A. J   Alexandra Terrace        
1887   Wagner Mrs.   3 Belilios Terrace        
1887   Wallace Mrs.     Murray Barracks        
1887   Walter Mrs         St. John's Place    
1887   Ward Miss       31 Queen's Road Central    
1887   Watts Mrs.       12 Upper Wyndham Street    
1887   Watts Mrs.     Rednaxela Terrace        
1887   Webster Mrs. J.       Kowloon Docks    
1887   Wharry Mrs. C. J.   Adjoining Government Civil Hospital        
1887   White Miss              
1887   Whittall Mrs.   2 Seymour Terrace        
1887   Wicking Mrs. H.   Blue Buildings   Praya    
1887   Wieler Mrs. Oscar     19 Praya
1887   Wilcox Mrs. R. Chatterton       Wyndham Street
1887   Willmott Mrs.     Richmond Terrace    
1887   Wise Mrs. A. G.       Robinson Road
1887   Withers Miss S. 1 Douglas Villas    
1887   Withers Mrs   1 Douglas Villas   Caine Road
1887   Withers Miss   1 Douglas Villas    
1887   Wohlters Mrs.         Upper Wyndham Street
1887   Wright Mrs. A.   Richmond Terrace    
1887   Wright Mrs. G. H. B. 5 Seymour Terrace   Seymour Road
1887   Yellop Miss     Victoria Exchange   Queen's Road Central