1950s Causeway Bay

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 07:27
Date picture taken


I can see a new-looking Capitol Theatre just above the hill that's being excavated. That opened in 1952.

Was the building on top of the hill one of the original Jardines buildings?

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Information on East Point Hill can be gleaned from here In the photo above, if the year 1952 is correct, the tram tracks via Percival Street and Leighton Road would not have been constructed. Entry to Happy Valley would have been via Canal Road East as noted  here

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At least I saw no Tram Tracks on Matheson Street above.  The depot on that side seemed still a construction site of sort.  When the depot had extended to Matheson Street, there were multiple gates where tracks branched out along the way between Russels and Sharp Street East.