1st Royal Tank Regiment Sek Kong 1957

Submitted by lisajk on Wed, 04/16/2014 - 01:55

Hi my dad Edwin Soloman was in the 1st Royal Tank Regiment based in Sek Kong, I am trying to contact people that was based there with him and any photos

Hi Natalie. and Lisajk.

I served with 1st. Royal Tank Regiment as a national serviceman in Sek Kong 1957/8,although conscripted in R.E.M.E. I became attached to B Squadron 1st. R.T.R. For 10 months in 1957/58. I joined this forum in April 2018 and now nearly finished uploading photos. many taken in or around  Sek Kong to view them enter- bryan Panters photos- in the search box top right corner of page. Then enter -fred Evans photos- as he was also in the Regiment 1957/59 and has lots more photos for you to view.

  If you or father in law Tony  have any photos relating to his time in Hong Kong this is the forum to have them identified I have been amazed how the members of the forum have identified many of mine considering they were taken over 60yrs ago and H.K. has completely been rebuilt.

The photo here is of men of 1st Royal Tank Regiment disembarking from Troop Ship- Nevasa -at Kowloon in June 1957 after a 5 week journey via South Africa from Southampton a distance of 12,000 miles.(so I was told).    

National Servicemen arrive in Hong Kong 1957.
National Servicemen arrive in Hong Kong 1957., by Bryan Panter

Regards Bryan.

Hi Natalie. Pleased to receive your reply. All my Hong Kong photos ended in May 1958 when I returned home at the end of National Service on troopship Empire Fowey, but the views taken around Sek Kong will hopefully bring back memories to Tony. Please view Fred Evans photos.on this forum taken in the camp and the surrounding areas as know he didn’t return home until Oct. 1959, and I await with much interest any photos you are able to upload. Regards. Bryan.