New on Gwulo: 2021, week 48

Submitted by David on Mon, 12/06/2021 - 17:00

A look at what's new on the Gwulo website...



I'm currently working on the upgrade of to the next version of the Drupal software that runs the website. The first stage was to migrate all the data from the current site to the new version - all the photos, people, places, etc., and all the connections and tags that link the different pages together. That work is finished - or at least I know how to do it, which was the time-consuming part. There will be another migration needed when it is time to switch over to the new website, but that should just take a few days.

The second stage of the project is to maintain as many as possible of the current website's features. Time to get programming!

The first programming job was to recreate the 'Zoom' we use to enlarge photos. Unfortunately this feature wasn't included in the new version of Drupal, but I'm happy to say I got our own home-made version of Zoom working over the weekend. My programming skills are definitely rusty, but they'll get better with practice.

So, lots left to do, but we're moving in the right direction.









No 51 SIR ALEXANDER Hung Hom 11 90 x.jpg
No 51 SIR ALEXANDER Hung Hom 11 90 x.jpg, by degahkg


The Kellett Island c1860.jpg
The Kellett Island c1860.jpg, by PaulO


Old Plans of Kellett Island c1878.jpg
Old Plans of Kellett Island c1878.jpg, by PaulO


Commodore’S BUNGALOW, The Peak, Hong Kong 1920's
Commodore’S BUNGALOW, The Peak, Hong Kong 1920's, by


Cpl. William (Billy) Poy, by HK Bill


27 Kennedy Road 鄧鏡波大宅
27 Kennedy Road 鄧鏡波大宅, by richardwonghkbook3


Ocean Bar,Wanchai
Ocean Bar,Wanchai, by m20wc51


1970_2-year anniversary issue fourseas bowling alley.jpg
1970 2-year anniversary issue
fourseas bowling alley, by simtang


1954 Luard Road
1954 Luard Road, by moddsey


1959 Garden Road - Sloping Brick Wall
1959 Garden Road - Sloping Brick Wall,
by moddsey


Hongkong Ice Company's ice wagon
Hongkong Ice Company's ice wagon, by christoph


Fountain Public Gardens.jpg
Fountain Public Garden.jpg, by christoph


Late 1940s Wanchai waterfront air
Late 1940s Wanchai waterfront air, by Eternal1966


Kennedy Road Houses 1949 annotated
Kennedy Road Houses 1949 annotated, by Eternal1966


Southorn Playground 1949
Southorn Playground 1949, by Eternal1966


It's worth zooming in on this last one, as it has lots of detail:

RAF KAI TAK guide cartoon
RAF KAI TAK guide cartoon, by IDJ


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Thanks for the suggestion. OpenSeadragon would work well, but I'll be using the Leaflet library for zooming images on the new site. We already use Leaflet to display and zoom in to maps on the Gwulo website, so it'll be less work to use that for images too.