Fourseas Bowling Centre [1968-????]

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"The Comprador" has found a photo of the Bowling Centre:

Fourseas Bowling Centre

I'm interested in how the site evolved from Mok Hing Kiu's residence on a hill, via the Fourseas Hotel, which retained the elevated garden facing Waterloo Road, to the Fourseas Bowling Centre, and thereafter, the Metropole/Metropark Hotel.

Does anyone know exactly when the Fourseas Hotel was demolished and the bowling centre built? Was the building and the hill razed to the ground? Interestingly, the pillars on the ground floor of the bowling centre are similar to those visible on the photo of the Hotel, although the upper floors are no longer set back from the road.

There is more information on this Facebook page.

I remember competing in a tournament at Fourseas in the late 60s, probably 1969, and it was brand new. I made the high score of the tournament of 240 and won a bowling ball and other prizes. Thanks for sparking my memory on such fun days.


Christopher Watson