William Arthur PEPPERELL [1878-1948]

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William Arthur
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Blything, Suffolk
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DoB from John Black's list, which gives Mr Pepperell's occupation in 1941 as "Police".

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Departed London on the "Morea" bound for Hong Kong 4 April 1913 No age or occupation shown

Departed London 15 Apil 1936 on "Ranpura"  for Hong Kong age 57 born 1879 police pensioner address in UK 9 Jackson Avenue Rochester Kent Shown recorded as William Pepperrell

William Arthur Pepperell born 1878 Blything Suffolk birth registered September Quarter 1878

United Grand Lodge of Englnd Freemason Membership Registers 1751 - 1921

William Arthur Pepperell age 30 police constable initiated into United Service Lodge Hong Kong 13 March 1909 (He would have been 31 later in the year if 1909 see birth registration date)

23 May 1947 "Empress of Scotland" from Liverpool to Hong Kong

William Arthur Pepperell 69 retired and Honorine Jeanne Pepperell 67 housewife UK address 19 Lynch Road Weymouth Dorset intended future permanent residence Hong Kong

He died 8th November 1948


“Many Attend Funeral Of Mr Pepperell


The funeral of Mr. William A. Pepperell took place at the Catholic Cemetery yesterday.

Reverend Father Pittivino officiated at the chapel and graveside.

Chief mourners were his wife, Jeanne, daughter, Ada, son-in-law, Inspector R. Olivier, and god-children, Mrs. Y.C. Fung, Mrs. V. Neoh and James Fisher.

Among those present were Rev. Father Spada, Chief Inspector R. Cunningham, Mr. V. Chittendon, Mr. P. Guild, Mr. and Mrs. J.H.W. Howie, Mr. F.A. Fallon, Mrs. S. Antonio, Miss P. Antonio, Mrs. Rose L. Ahlo, Miss Antoine Kwok, Mr. M.Y. Fung, Mr. P.F. Woo, Miss Lily Chan, Mrs. Mabel Li, Mrs. K.M. Lau, Mrs. P.L. Fung, Mr. W.Y. Au, Mr. and Mrs. V.T. Low, Mr. Ngau, Mr. H.Y. Fung, Mr. C.M. Shu, Miss E. Pang, Mr. I.W. Fung, and Mrs. J. Fisher.

Wreaths were sent by Mr. and Mrs. Ted Castro James, Marie and family, Mrs. Sarah Antonio and family, Norman-Marie, staff of Wilkinson and Grist, Mr. and Mrs. V. Chittendon, Mrs. C. Leonard and family, Mr. and Mrs. V.T. Low, Miss E. Pang, Rose, Vera, Steve and children, Mr. S.P. Chu, Mr. Woo Tun-fung, James and Marie Fisher, Pansy, Daisy, Henry, Billie, Lily and Eddie, Li and Fung, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Y. Lum, P.H. Siu and Anson Yeo, Fung Yuk and Fung Tao, Mrs. P. Cill and family, Enid, Vivian and Henry, Marie and Ah Chuk, Mrs. K.M. Lau, Mrs. Mabel Li, Mrs. M.Y. Fung, Mrs. P.L. Fung, Mr. W.Y. Au, Ada, Ralph, Anita and Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Anson Eu, Fung Kwok-ching, Fung Kwok-chu, Fung Lai-wah, Fung Kwok-fun, Fung Kwok-hong, Fung Kwok-fong, Fung Kwok-king, Mr. and Mrs. Art Lym, and Mr. Fung Hon-chu.

Mr. Pepperell, who died on November 8 at the St. Paul’s Hospital after a short illness, arrived in the Colony in 1907 and last July 8 celebrated his forty-first year in Hong Kong and his seventieth birthday.

Aged 70, he was a Hong Kong Police pensioner after serving for 25 years.

His three sisters, Daisy, Louie and Irene, are at present at Weymouth, where the veteran of two world wars came from. His brother Francis is in London.”


Source: The China Mail, page 3, 10th November 1948