Hung Hom ferry pier to Wanchai & North Point [1979-c.1988]

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This ferry pier was operated by the Hong Kong and Yaumati Ferry Company Ltd, (HYF), for their services between Hung Hom and Wanchai, Hung Hom and North Point. It is shown at bottom right in the photo below.

Turntable-Tsim Sha Tsui East
Turntable-Tsim Sha Tsui East, by IDJ


Those services previously operated from the nearby pier shown at, moving to this pier when it opened in 1979.

This pier was used until 1988, when the two ferry services moved to temporary piers at Hunghom Bay Center.

Source: notes from simtang.

Photos that show this Place


A aerial photo from 3 November 1988 indicates the demolition of the 1979 pier. Unfortunately the photo has low resolution only and it's not clear to see, but the high number of boats near the pier supports the demolition.

Hung Hom aerial view 1988-11-03
Hung Hom aerial view 1988-11-03, by hkms2.0

Temporary pier is in use already, and a Star ferry is at it's pier.

News report showing the new hunghom to wanchai and north point pier to open in march 1979.

Left is the new pier. Middle is the Central pier. Right is the old hunghom to wanchai and north point pier.

1979-2-26 new ymt hunghom pier.png
1979-2-26 new ymt hunghom pier.png, by simtang