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The Ritz Ballroom, Swimming Pool & Garden, North Point [1941-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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"The Ritz Ballroom opened on 5 September 1947 on an empty lot next to the docks in North Point. [...] Next to the Ritz Ballroom was the Ritz Garden, with Chinese gardens, restaurants, two swimming pools and miniature golf." from

I only found one result for "ritz garden" in the newspapers, reporting that manager Li Choi-fat was in court (The China Mail, 1948-12-16, pg 3).


Photos that show this place



HK Daily Press 19 May 1941

The Ritz Ballroom was opened on 17 May 1941.

Thanks Moddsey, I looked again just searching for Ritz, and found that 1947 was the year it re-opened:

"The Ritz" Is Open Again

One of Hong Kong's most popular pleasure resorts in pre-war days, “The Ritz" Ballroom and Swimming Pool, was again thrown open to the public yesterday. About 5,000 went in through the main turnstiles.

The swimming pools were available from 9 a.m. The official opening of the ballroom took place at 8.30 last night, when a ribbon, stretched across the open air dance floor, was cut simultaneously by four of China's leading screen actresses, Misses Kung Chau-ha, Chan Kee, Cheung Fan and Chan Kuen-kuen. 

Before the opening ceremony, Eddie Guzman and his band, which will be providing music for the ballroom, played the British and Chinese National Anthems.

The shooting galleries and other side shows, which were a feature of the pre-war "Ritz,” have not yet been re-instated. It is, however, expected that these will be in operation shortly.

The China Mail, 1947-09-08, page 2

It's not clear if the building was destroyed in the WW2 fighting and had to be re-built, or it was the same building in both 1941 and 1947.

Regards, David

I seem to recall that The Ritz has been discussed previously, but maybe it was on the earlier Batung site.

There was some discussion about the architect. And there was pictures

In the mid-1960s I used to visit an establishment called "The Showboat" as we were working nearby. I had always assumed it was part of the Ritz, although I've never come across any references to it or seperate advertisments.. It was in about the same location, had big "swing" bands, a night club atmosphere and dance area. It was just like the Shanghai nightclub in one of the Indiana Jones movies.

I've found a couple of mentions of The Showboat:

I think that it was one of the next generation of buildings on this site, after the 1940s Ritz was re-developed.

Regards, David