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Owners of the first Broadwood Road houses 1916-1918

I believe I now have the final line-up of the owners/residents of the earliest houses in Broadwood Road for the years 1916-1918. I have added the Gwulo links to their names, so that more of their family stories can be read. It will be apparent that several of the owners were extremely wealthy and that different nationalities and religions are represented. Some families had lived in Hong Kong for several generations and built up their wealth gradually. Whether any of the families would have been entitled to own a house on the Peak, I am not sure. Only William Anderson lived there briefly before moving back to Kowloon. My own grandfather, C.E. Warren, although English, had married a Eurasian woman and would have been debarred from residence on the Peak. Other families had Chinese heritage. There was kinship between the owners of several of the houses. Ivor Gourgey of no. 17 was the nephew of Ellis Kadoorie at no. 11; John Olson of no. 13 was the brother-in-law and business partner of Charles Warren at no. 20; Patrick Murray of no. 7 was related by marriage to Annie Bond of no. 8. The Kews and the Warrens had already been close neighbours in Caine Road in the early years of the century. Alongside the millionaires, some of the Broadwood Road families: Murrays, Walkers, Warrens, Olsons, Walters and Andersons had worked their way up the social hierarchy of Hong Kong from relatively lowly beginnings. Perhaps their descendants have stories to add.


Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Hong Kong Land Investment & Agency Co., I.L. 2039. Hong Kong Land Investment & Agency Co. [1889-????]

Nos. 4 & 5 G. K. Hall Brutton I.L. 2060 & I.L. 1911. G K HALL BRUTTON [????-????]

No. 6 Dr F.H. Kew, I.L. 1946. Frederick Howard KEW (aka Fred) [1874-1952]

No. 7 “Murrivillo’, P. H. Murray, I.L. 2136. Patrick Henry MURRAY [c.1866-1927]

No. 8 “Beaumont”, Miss Margaret Annie Bond, I.L. 1947, Section L. Margaret Anne BOND [c.1878-1971]

No. 9 "Belvedere 1", Alfred Joseph Walters, I.L. 1947, Section K. Alfred Joseph WALTERS [????-c.1948]

No. 10 "Belvedere 2", Alfred Joseph Walters I.L. 1947, Section K.

No. 11 Ellis Kadoorie,  I.L. 2133. Ellis KADOORIE (aka Kelly) [1865-1922]

No. 12 Lau Chu Pak I.L. 2123. Chu-Pak LAU [1867-1922]

No. 13 “Ridge House”, J. Olson I.L. 1947, Section H.



Olson (2)





The house was continuously listed to J. Olson from 1915-1934. 1934 is the last of the Rate Books for Hong Kong “Villages”.

No. 14 “Fareham”, G.W. Gegg I. L. 1947, Section G. George William GEGG [c.1876-1920]

No. 15 “Brinkilly”. Captain Harry Walker and Tomé Walker, I.L. 1947, Section F. Henry Walter WALKER [1865-1940] and Tomé WALKER [c.1878-1944]

No. 16 C. S. Gubbay, I.L. 2128. Charles Sassoon GUBBAY [1868-1941]

No. 17 Ivor Gourgey I.L. 2127. Ivor GOURGEY [ 1884-1973]

No. 18 (originally 19) C. R. Mogra, Edulji Rustomji MOGRA [c.1873-1935] c/o Abdoolrahim “Lyndholme” I. L. 1947 Section B (1916) Abdul Hussein ABDOOLRAHIM (aka Abdoolhoosen) [????-c.1935] and in 1918-19 William Anderson – house name changed to “Gilstead”. William ANDERSON [????-????]

No. 19 “The Cottage”, S. Webb Anderson, I.L. 1947, Section A. William Jenkins WEBB ANDERSON [1870-1933] The initial “S” seems to be an error.

No. 20 “The Towers”, C. E. Warren, I.L. 1947,  (retained portion). Charles Edward WARREN [1872-1923]

No. 21  C. E. Warren, I.L. 1947 Section A.





Hi Jill

I'd be interested to find out which resources you used to find this information. My great-grandparents and grandmother lived first in Central and then on Nathan Rd in a house called Lees Lodge. I am interested to find out more and am not sure where to start.

Best Wishes



I should have cited my sources for the Broadwood Road information, which were the Hong Kong Villages Rate Books for 1916-17 and 1917-18. These are held by the Public Records Office and at the time that I consulted them (lastly 2018) could only be accessed in person. 

My start point in finding out my grandparents' addresses was to apply for their death certificates and the birth certificates of their children. This can be done on line through the government website. I'm not sure whether you can now pay the fees by credit card rather than banker's draft. The instructions have been updated. There is an initial fee for the search and a further fee to receive the certificate if the search is successful. 

If you aren't in Hong Kong yourself, then I think this is going to be the best way of verifying the addresses at which your relatives lived. The Land Registry also has a website through which you can establish the ownership history of particular addresses. 

I have my own scans, copyrighted to the British Library, of the Hong Kong Ladies Directories for 1904, 1905 and 1906. These give the addresses of British wives resident in Hong Kong. Come back to me if those years are relevant to your family. 

The Jurors Lists published on this site often give the home address of an individual. However the address sometimes applies only to their company. Very well worth consulting though.

Good luck!


Hi Jill

Thanks for your quick response, that gives me a lot to work with and I can see I will have to pop down to the Public Records Office as I am in Hong Kong.

The 1906 Ladies Directory might be a good resource. My grandmother was born in 1908, although I'm not sure when my great-grandparents were married, possibly 1907. My great-grandmother was Ellen McEwen (nee Sampson). I'd be really grateful if you could check the Directory.

Many thanks

That's wonderful that you are in Hong Kong.

Sadly there is no McEwen or Sampson in the 1906 Ladies Directory, but in the 1884 Ladies Directory uploaded to Gwulo by annlise there is the following. Is this a relative? As the Rate Books are huge, you can only order six at a time. You will be given the index volume to order by ref. no. Ask for Victoria, whichever years you think best. The PRO also have all the Ladies Directories, but they are in the middle of one of the newspapers. I forget which. You have to find them via the microfilm reader. Regarding birth and death certificates, I found it much more effective to go to Immigration in Admiralty, Low Block personally to collect the certificates, if you are in Hong Kong for some time. If something isn't quite right you can then sort it out on the spot. At the time they didn't accept cash nor credit card though.

1884   McEwen  Mrs.  A. P.    Cloudlands      The Peak
1884   McEwen  Mrs.  A. P.    West Terrace

Hi Jill

Thanks so much for sharing and for providing all this detail, I will head down to the PRO.

I'm not sure whether Mrs. A.P. McEwen is related, although McEwen is an unusual spelling of the name and it's more normally McEwan. I know my great-uncle was here before my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was born in 1872, but of course his brother could have been 10 years older and married by 1884. 

There was a trading company called McEwen, Frickel & Co which was established in the 1860s. I suspect this lady is related to that venture. But unclear as to whether it's a close relative of mine.

I have my great-grandfather's death certificate but unfortunately they didn't put any home address down which is annoying.

Best Wishes and again many thanks