Henry Walter WALKER [1865-1940]

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Henry Walter
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Mile End, Middlesex (now London)
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Captain Henry Walter Walker and his wife, Tomé, lived at the house called "Brinkelly", no. 15 Broadwood Road, from the inception of Broadwood Road in 1916. (See my post on Tomé Walker). They were near neighbours of my grandfather, C.E. Warren, who probably built their house, but I know nothing about them. I haven't found Henry Walker in the Jurors Lists or the Carl Smith Index. Any information welcome.

As I said in my previous post, Henry Walker died in 1940, aged 73, and is buried in the Protestant Cemetery.




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Tomé Walker
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His death was reported on page 6 of the Hong Kong Daily Press, 1940-03-01:


Capt. Henry Walter Walker, who was master of a Canton river boat for many years, and who died at the Matilda Hospital, The Peak was buried at the Colonial Cemetery yesterday evening. The Rev. Charles Strong, Chaplain of the Seamen's Institute, officiated at the graveside. The deceased, who was 73 years of age, leave a widow. Both have resided in Hongkong for 45 years

Thanks for finding the obituaries of Annie Bond and Captain Walker. If one has the death date of a person from the grave inscription, it's obviously a good idea to look at the newspapers for a day or so afterwards. Both "Bond" and "Walker" are so common, I didn't get any result from a general search.

It sounds as if Henry Walker arrived in Hong Kong in 1895, the exact same year as my grandfather, although he might not have had his feet on land very much. However he would have been a part of the seafaring community known to Charles Warren's father-in-law, John Olson. With 45 years in Hong Kong, Walker must have had many stories to tell.

I am Capt. Harry's  and Tome's grand nephew - His brother (my grandfather) was Herbert Alexnder Walker of Somerset West South Africa, His parents were Henry (b1869) and Annie Walker (nee Miller) of 18 Antcliffe Street, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, UK. His brothers were Arthur John, Frank Sydney, Philip Graham, Sisters Lilian and Annie Juliet.  

Ancestry UK Public Tree

Henry Walter Walker born 25 July 1866 in Mile End Old Town which was then in Middlesex but is now in London. Baptism 7 January 1866 Christ Church Watney Street Tower Hamlets.

He  couldn't have been baptised before he was born so I checked the birth register. He was born in 1865. I also checked the baptismal records

The Christ Church Watney Street Register gives his birth date as 1 December 1865

Indentured in Merchant Navy in 1884 aged 18

Death 4 February 1940 Hong Kong [conflicts with probate 1957 and headstone]


UK Probate Calendar 1957

Gives a different date of death. Henry Walter Walker of Broadwood Road Happy Valley Hong Kong died 29 February 1940 at the Matilda Hospital Hong Kong. Probate to Sydney Hampden Ross chartered accountant. [Probated 17 years after his death]

Find a Grave

Death 29 February 1940

The SCMP also reports Captain Henry Walter Walker's death in its 1st March 1940 edition. It therefore seems most likely that he died on 29 February. His widow, Tomé Walker, would not have been able to stay in their Broadwood Road house during the war as the Broadwood Road houses were all stripped by the Japanese. As a Chinese she probably stayed in town and no doubt had a hard time, eventually dying in 1944. Perhaps her family know more about her fate.

There is an earlier sea going Henry Walker recorded by Carl Smith as having died in 1842 [CS card 00149899.GIF] and also a Captain Walker "lately of China" who died in 1845 - are either of these relatives?