24 Broadwood Road [????-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists

This is the last site along Broadwood Road, so I'm guessing it is where 24 Broadwood Road stood, using the initial numbering of the road.

Photos that show this Place



David, I don't think there was a 24 Broadwood Road - well, certainly during my parents' time there.

We were at 22 Broadwood Road and there was a 23 Broadwood Road and past our houses were the garages for both houses and then it was a hop, skip and a jump to Tai Hang Road. The only other "building" between our house and Tai Hang Road was a supermarket "shack" just before Tai Hang Road.  Perhaps that was given the address of 24 Broadwood Road??


Hi Nona,

We've had a couple of mentions of the address. The first was on the page for the BCMS Foundling Home (https://gwulo.com/comment/66648#comment-66648). There's another in the 1940 Juror's List:

c   Decker, Harvey Leroy Assistant, Texas Co. (China), Ld. 24 Broadwood Road.

Here's a 1922 map of the area:

1922 top of broadwood road
1922 top of broadwood road, by Admin

Building A is 22 & 23 Broadwood Road, and building B is the building I think was originally number 24 Broadwood Road, though I haven't seen any map showing the building labelled with a street number to confirm it.

It was next to the junction marked D, where Broadwood Road meets Tai Hang Road.

A 1965 map (1:600 214-NW-9) shows site B had been redeveloped into two buildings, Blocks A & B of Jardine's Lookout Garden Mansion, and at that time they had the addresses 148 & 150 Tai Hang Road.

So my current guess is that the building B above was originally number 24 Broadwood Road, that it was re-developed after the war (maybe the old building was damaged during the fighting?), and that during one of the street re-numberings it was given a Tai Hang Road address. Not 100% sure though.

Regards, David