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Edulji Rustomji MOGRA [c.1873-1935]

Edulji Rustomji
c.1873-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
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Shameen Canton

E. R. Mogra

I’m coming to the end of my survey of the earliest owners of the Broadwood Road houses. In the 1916-1917 Rate Book, no. 19 Broadwood Road is given as “Lyndholme”. The owner is given as E.R. Mogra. Perhaps this is the father of Jal Edulji Mogra who is buried in the Parsee Cemetery, Happy Valley (1906-1995). Edulji Mogra would only have been 10 years old in 1916, the same age as my uncle, Arthur Warren and possibly a playmate, given that the Warrens lived at no. 20.  No. 19 Broadwood Road became no. 18 the following year and the name of the house was changed to “Gilstead.” The house was a part of the Broadwood Ridge development built on I.L. 1947 by C.E. Warren & Co. in 1915-16 and is given as Section B.

Mogra was one of the few friends of my grandfather’s mentioned to me by my father. He remembered his father, Charles Warren and Mogra making expeditions to the mainland together to buy jade. None has survived!


Carl Smith Card 160897

Edulji Rustomji Mogra died  22 August 1935 aged 62 in Paris but of Shameen Canton 

Card 161210

Mentions E R Mogra and Co

Public Ancestry Tree

Eduljee (sic) Rustomjee (sic) Mogra born 4 June 1872 in Iran (would have been Persia then).

[In 1935 the Iranian government requested those countries which it had diplomatic relations with, to call Persia "Iran," which is the name of the country in Persian]

Spouse Waki Ho (1875 Japan  - 1970 Japan)


Keki Mogra 1903 - 1969, Jal Eduji Mogra 1906 - 1995, Alice Margaret Mogra 1913 -  2007, James Edulji Mogra 1917 - 1942, Lily May Mogra 1918 - ?,  Joseph Mogra, James Mogra.


Thank you for finding these details, annpake. I have now put in the correct birth and death dates and indeed the full name of Edulji Rustomji Mogra. I had also not heard of the Shameen Canton. There is probably more to be found out about the E.R. Mogra company and indeed the man himself. Interesting that he died in Paris. 

There are one or two sites online that show old photographs of the Shameen Canton,