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William Paterson b.1947. 1949 (01) 3rd from right. Broadwood Road.jpg

Broadwood Road, Party, 1949?

Broadwood Road, Hong Kong

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This photo was taken in the garden of a house in Broadwood Road where my Grandparents, William and Elsie Paterson, lived from 1947 to 1949.

1950s Happy Valley Racecourse and Broadwood Road

Huge excavation site (bomb damage, landslide ??) to the right of the government quarters on Ventris Road.

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View from 19 Broadwood Road (2).jpg

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This is a second view from 19 Broadwood Road, taken about a year later than the previous one. It's captioned "View of the Peak from the Bungalow". There seems to be a road faintly visible across the mountain in the background. What is this? Not as many buildings are visible as in the earlier photo, but it would be interesting to know what they were. I'm not sure what the occasion was for the children to be dressed up like this.

View from 19 Broadwood Road (1).jpg

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Nona Pio-Ulski has posted several lovely 1960s(?) photos of 22 and 23 Broadwood Road, built a decade or more later than the seven previous houses in the road, including the recently mentioned no. 21.

I’ve dug out a couple of 1920s photos of my Warren cousins taken from 19 Broadwood Road, but from slightly different positions and a year or so apart. Gwulo experts may be able to identify the buildings that are visible in the background. The date of this photo would be early 1928, judging from the children's ages.


Stanley L. HIDDEN [????-????]

Stanley L.

Mr & Mrs SL Hidden are named top of the list of friends attending the June 1923 funeral of my grandfather, Charles Warren, but neither I nor my generation of Warrens ever heard them mentioned. As "Hidden" is a word as well as a name, it's not easy to search for Mr Hidden. He appears in the Jurors List of 1923 as Assistant in John Manners & Co. The Hiddens lived in Broadwood Road in 1920 when Mr Hidden was working for H. Stephens & Co.

C.E. Warren's friends, business associates and jockeys

Some of you may already know from my previous posts that I’ve been researching the life in Hong Kong of my grandfather Charles Edward Warren (1872-1923) and his eponymous company C.E. Warren & Co. (1901-1941). He died of pneumonia quite suddenly at his house, The Towers, Broadwood Road, aged 51, when my father was only 14 and at school in England. An obvious source to look for C.E. Warren’s friends and business contacts is the list of mourners and wreath givers at his funeral.


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I had dated this photo as 1930s, as it seemed to be in the same sequence as the so-called "View to Kowloon" from the collection of Leslie and Cicely Warren. If the "View to Kowloon" was clearly taken in the 1920s, then this shot which is also from the top of Broadwood Road, may be 1920s too. Grateful for any opinions about that.

Eva WEBB ANDERSON (née RAWCLIFFE) [????-????]

Webb Anderson
Other reference: 
Wesleyan Methodist Church Ist generation

Eva Webb Anderson was the wife of the Wesleyan missionary doctor, Reverend W.J. Webb Anderson. Carl Smith records their marriage at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Hong Kong in 1901. I believe the Webb Andersons retired from Fatshan to Hong Kong in 1916 and lived at The Cottage, 19 Broadwood Road until the mid-1920s, when they went back to England. I haven't yet been able to check the Ladies' Directories for this period. 


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