Ivor GOURGEY [1884-1973]

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Ivor Gourgey belonged to the Kadoorie family. He was the son of Rachel Gourgey née Kadoorie who was the sister of Ellis and Elly Kadoorie. According to the Rate Book for 1918-19 he owned 17 Broadwood Road IL 2127. 16 Broadwood Road IL 2128 was owned by Charles Sassoon Gubbay, while Sir Ellis Kadoorie owned 11 Broadwood Road. The 1910 jurors list shows Ivor Gourgey as Assistant for E.S. Kadoorie and in 1913 as Clerk for Moxon & Taylor. I have a feeling I have seen his name in connection with racing at Happy Valley. His brother may have been Maurice Gourgey who is given as Assistant to D. Sassoon & Co. Ltd. in the jurors list for 1913.

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Could this be him?

Ancestry shows

Marriage Ivor Gourgey to Victoria Elias registered Prestwich Manchester 1923

1918 Electoral Register

Ivor Gorgey 18 Ingestre Buildings Westminster

Ivor Gourgey and Victoria lived at various addresses in the Kensington area of London. In 1939 they lived at Flat 4 65/66 Princes Gate

Probate Calendar

Ivor Gourgey of 17 Warwick Place Tunbridge Wells Kent born 5 August 1884 died 23 March 1973

Victoria Gourgey  of 17 Warwick Place Tunbridge Wells Kent born 17 June 1900 died 1985

It could be him as he first appears in the jurors list in 1910 when he would have been 26. A late marriage though. The Kadoorie family seems to have shuttled between England, Shanghai and Hong Kong according to the political conditions. Ivor Gourgey still owned the Broadwood Road house in 1918, but he could have easily had a London base as well. He has sold the house by 1920 to Staff Buildings Ltd.

Victoria was only 23 at the time of the marriage.

1901 Census   1 St Clement Road Chorlton cum Hardy Lancashire

Abdullah Elias 50 shipping merchant born Bagdad (sic) British subject

Flora 26 born Bagdad Turkish subject

Victor 7 born Bagdad Turkish subject

William 5 born Bagdad Turkish subject

Lucy 3 born Bagdad Turkish subject

Victoria 9 months born Bagdad Turkish subject

UK 1939 Census

Ivor Gourgey  74 born 5 August 1884 merchant Persian carpets

Victoria Gourgey 50 born 17 June 1900 Private means

Alice Cornock domestic servant child's nurse single  born 18 October 1883

I think this has to be our man. Thank you for tracking him down. So he left Hong Kong at the end of WW1, married a young wife in England and lived a long life - let's hope a happy one.