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New on Gwulo: 2020, week 50

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Book news

The pre-launch offer ended with 247 copies of the new Gwulo book sold, so a big thank you to everyone who ordered. I'm pleased to see that's around 10% more than we sold in the pre-launch for Volume 3, which is reassuring. (Pre-launch sales of Volume 3 were less than Volume 2, which were less than Volume 1, which meant I was worried that interest in this type of book had dried up.)


The orders came from all around the world - as well as Hong Kong we've sent books to Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA.

Airmail services to Canada and New Zealand are still suspended, but books have already reached most of the other countries. One record-breaker reached New Jersey in the USA just seven days after we sent it!


If you've enjoyed the latest book's photos and stories, I'll be very grateful if you could review it, to help introduce it to new readers. Volume 4's page on Goodreads doesn't have any reviews yet, so it'll be great if you could give it a star rating and / or a short review. Or if you're in a club whose members are interested in Hong Kong, and that has a newsletter or an internet discussion group, a mention there would be appreciated.


After we'd sent out all the pre-launch orders we switched to delivering books to local bookshops. Gwulo's books are now on the shelves at:


Thanks to Bleak House Books for this interview:


And thanks to Bookazine for adding the new book to their Top 10:

Bookazine Top 10







Regular contributor Andrew Suddaby has posted more photos from his visit to Hong Kong in 1981. I'll post a few samples below, then you can see all the photos in his 1981 gallery.

Yu Yat Kee Watch Co.
Yu Yat Kee Watch Co., by Andrew Suddaby


Children's talent contest.
Children's talent contest., by Andrew Suddaby


Food Street b.
Food Street b., by Andrew Suddaby


Macao hydrofoil ticket.
Macao hydrofoil ticket., by Andrew Suddaby


Exciting things to do in Hong Kong a.jpg
Exciting things to do in Hong Kong a.jpg, by Andrew Suddaby


Temple Street Night Market sea food b.
Temple Street Night Market sea food b., by Andrew Suddaby


Temple Street Night Market lantern rentals.
Temple Street Night Market lantern rentals., by Andrew Suddaby


Boy with his new toy
Boy with his new toy, by Andrew Suddaby


Poor Man's Nightclub e
Poor Man's Nightclub e, by Andrew Suddaby


Mike asks if anyone can identify the date / location / people / occasion in these family photos:

1940s (1).jpg
1940s (1).jpg, by King's Studio - family photo album


1940s (1.1).jpg
1940s (1.1).jpg, by King's Studio - family photo album



Showing Wan Chai  1890's (Looking West).jpg
Showing Wan Chai 1890's (Looking West).jpg, by danielwettling


Queens Own 7th Hussars 1954-1957
Queens Own 7th Hussars 1954-1957, by W G Cully


尖沙嘴消防局 Tsim Sha Tsui Fire Station 1947
尖沙嘴消防局 Tsim Sha Tsui Fire Station 1947, by richardwonghkbook4


1963 Chinese University
1963 Chinese University, by eternal1966e


Arthur James Rumjahn2.jpg
Arthur James Rumjahn2.jpg, by weightman family


Barker Road Houses 1930(?)
Barker Road Houses 1930(?), by Klaus


1950s Middle Road Children's Playground
1950s Middle Road Children's Playground, by Moddsey


1954 Nathan Road
1954 Nathan Road, by Eternal1966


1954 Rose Hotel
1954 Rose Hotel, by Eternal1966


1954 Cameron Road
1954 Cameron Road, by Eternal1966


1930s Mount Austin (Peak) Road
1930s Mount Austin (Peak) Road, by Eternal1966


1954 Kam Tin Road
1954 Kam Tin Road, by Eternal1966


1972 TST Trash truck
1972 TST Trash truck, by Eternal1966


1927 Peninsula Hotel
1927 Peninsula Hotel, by Moddsey


1950s Kwun Tong Road
1950s Kwun Tong Road, by Moddsey


Botanical Gardens
LEE, YeChor, by Dewson family photos


1962 Luard Road
1962 Luard Road, by eternal66a


Cable & Wireless in Hong Kong
Cable & Wireless in Hong Kong, by Cable & Wireless Communications


General Post Office
General Post Office , by flyingpeter77


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