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Kowloon Rifle Ranges (1st location) [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

The ranges are clearly shown on the 1896 map of Kowloon.


Now that the Rifle Ranges are overlaid on to the modern map (thanks David), it's no coincidence that the Gun Club Hill Barracks is where it is.

The firing line is pretty much exactly along the line of Wylie Road as mentioned in this article on the history of Gun Club. The site was already mapped out for the military in 1860.

As mentioned in the referenced article of the Gun Club, is Danger Flag Hill in King's Park. A remnant of the former rifle ranges in Kowloon.

For reference, I note in the 1901.2 map at http://www.hkmaps.hk/mapviewer.html the western range was for the police, centre range for the military and the eastern range for the naval association.

There was a rifle range in Kowloon up and running already in 1885. The fact it was just referred to as 'Rifle Range' so matter of factly implied there was only one rifle range. 


"A PRIVATE in the Buffs named Edwards died very suddenly at Kowloon on Monday night, the cause of death apparently being choleraic diarrhoea. The body of deceased was buried yesterday on the rifle range at Kowloon. We understand another private died on this side to-day, from the same cause."  

Source: The China Mail, page 2, 8th July 1885


"On Tuesday a private of the Buffs, named Edwards, in the camp on the Rifle Range at Kowloon, died an hour or two after being seized by an attack of choleraic diarrhoea in his tent. The deceased was buried on the hillside without delay. There have been a number of deaths from that cause in the regiment of late, and in consequence camping out has been considerably resorted to." 

Source: Hong Kong Daily Press, page 2, 9th July 1885