Hau Wong Temple, Kowloon City [c.1730- ]

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There's more information about the temple on the Chinese Temples Committee website.

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Text from plaque at temple:

Renovation of Hau Wong Temple

Built around the eighth year of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty (1730), the Hau Wong temple has a history of over two hundred and seventy years. It is now listed as a Grade l historical building for permanent preservation. Every year, during the Hau Wong Festival on the 16th day of the sixth moon in the traditional Chinese calendar, worshippers flock here to pay tribute to Hau Wong. According to the inscriptions in the temple, renovations were carried out in 1822 (second year of Daoguang), 1859 (ninth year of Xianfeng), 1879 (fifth year of Guangxu), 1917 and 1988 respectively. Weathered over time, the temple has lost much of its splendour despite several repairs by the Chinese Temples Committee since its takeover in 1928. To restore the temple to its former glory, the Chinese Temples Committee has embarked on a four-million-dollar project to have it renovated. This plaque is erected to commemorate the completion of the renovation project.

Chinese Temples Committee     May 2006