Showing Wan Chai 1890's (Looking West).jpg

Wed, 12/09/2020 - 19:37

The long buildings to the left side look like factory buildings. What part of Wan Chai can that be. Bowen Road can be seen and also the peak tram in the far distance. Thank you for letting me know.

Date picture taken


The vertical row of buildings on the left marks Cross Street. Albany Street (today's Tai Yuen Street) should be in the bottom half of the photograph.

Hi Daniel, there are more interesting details on your photo. On the very right hand side is the Wanchai Praya with the Fenwick Shipyard. The photo below is cropped from the original photo.

Fenwick Shipyard 1890s
Fenwick Shipyard 1890s, by Klaus

This part of the coastline was also visible on your photo Early Waterfront.jpg from ca. 1880. I had compared that with one posted by David showing this area in 1902. Fenwick shipyard is on the very left side.

Praya East 1880_1902
Praya East 1880_1902, by Klaus

From the changes in buildings and the appearance of the crane, your 1890s photo fits in between those two. Regards, Klaus