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Tue, 12/08/2020 - 19:42

Abdul Aziz Rumjahn (a.k.a. Arthur James Rumjahn) (1904 Hong Kong-2nd March 1975 Hong Kong) was a distant cousin of mine. This photo of him in Hong Kong in 1934 has been given kind permission by his grandson to be posted here in gwulo after we recently made contact as part of my family history reserach.

The background is the distinctive Gloucester Building Clock Tower but does anyone know which roof top he was standing on? . 

Date picture taken


Besides the Gloucester Building, the China Building was one of the taller buildings in Hong Kong at the time. Cannot say with certainty the original location but the China Building had a rooftop garden and cafe.

Thanks for that moddsey. It was a toss between Pedder Building and China Building but looking at photos the latter was the slightly higher of the two (thus more in line with the background clock tower). And to know there was a cafe and rooftop garden would add more credence to the way Abdul Aziz/Arthur was dressed. 

I have seen a few photos taken from the rooftop garden and cafe from the 1930s. The photos show the Mid-levels and a bit of the cafe. Unfortunately, the distinctive rooftop tile pattern shown in the original photo cannot be discerned. But there are flower pots! The cafe in later years was called Cafe de Chine. Not sure if it was the same name in the 1930s.