New on Gwulo: 2018, week 19 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

New on Gwulo: 2018, week 19

Friday May 25th is Quiz Night !

Quiz night: Friday, 25th May

The RAS have invited me to be quiz master for their Quiz Night on Friday, 25th May. Expect questions about old Hong Kong photos and a selection of the odd historical items we find around town!

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Tonnochy Ballroom, Wanchai, 1970, "menu"
Tonnochy Ballroom, Wanchai, 1970, "menu", by gordonvr


Stanley Internees on the voyage home
Stanley Internees on the voyage home, by Conner Hackett


The Towers HK.jpg
The Towers HK.jpg, by Peter


Command Workshops Sham Shui Po.
Command Workshops Sham Shui Po., by Bryan Panter


1930s Ma Tau Wai
1930s Ma Tau Wai, by Moddsey


1956 Chai Wan Bus Terminus
1956 Chai Wan Bus Terminus, by Eternal1966


1930s  Shing Mun Reservoir Dam Construction
1930s Shing Mun Reservoir Dam Construction, by Eternal1966


4 Hong Kong Xmas 2.jpg
4 Hong Kong Xmas 2.jpg, by Tim Roberts


0003-1925 Hong Kong - HMS Tamar (1863-1941) Ship Dressed overall.jpg
1925 HK - HMS Tamar (1863-1941) Ship Dressed overall.jpg, by Godfrey-Wetoasthk


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