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Tai Wai military bunkers [????- ]

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Tai Wai WW2 Bunkers & Description of site.
Tai Wai WW2 Bunkers & Description of site., by Philip


The long bunker at the Tai Wai Bunkers. Photograph taken looking away from the entrance to the building site. This may have been BN HQ for 2nd Bn 14th Punjab Regiment given that this is a large string of military shelters, situated close to Tai Wai and Tai Po Road and in the centre of the Punjab manned PBs. It may also have been used as Battery HQs for forward guns, although Mainland RA HQ was located in shelters close to Mainland Brigade HQ at the far end of Waterloo Road. The bunkers can only be viewed from the building site. I entered by crashing down the hillside from the perimeter of  Po Leung Kuk Y.C. Cheng Centre at a point where there is a pylon. This got me down to the building site which I entered from the rear. I walked out the main entrance of the site. These structures are being damaged by proximity to a major building site and because they can only be viewed from the building site they are very inaccessible and may become more so when the building is completed. The site is on Sha Tin Heights Road and between residential complex Godi and the Po Leung Kuk Centre. Philip Cracknell

Photos that show this place


Thanks Philip, I hadn't heard of these before. I've added a marker with a guess at the location, but please edit & save if you can move the marker to the right spot.

Philip has posted more information about these bunkers at: http://battleforhongkong.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-tai-wai-bunkers.html

Just had another read of this article. Re. the potential additional military structures at 6 1/2 MS. I had a look at the following website (http://www.hkmaps.hk/mapviewer.html), which has what appears to me to be an accurate military intelligence map from the Japanese showing PBs and bunkers. When you select the 'Map 1939' reference map, it clearly shows the 7 1/2 bunkers as the rectangle at the correct spot per the modern overlay. It also shows and another rectangle for the 6 1/2 MS structures. This looks to me to be directly next to the present day northbound Keng Hau Road bus stop. Funnily enough on google earth view - there appears to be a fenced off area in just the right spot... Unfortunately I won't be back in HK till December to have a look. 


Dear AB:  Thanks for your message. I have recently updated the blog post about the Tai Wai Bunkers to include the bunkers seen at Luk Hop Village (6 1/2 MS) and a cluster of bunkers near the 5 1/2 MS. At the moment I am inclined to think (but may well be wrong) that the Tai Wai bunkers are RA Mainland Forward HQ and that the 6 1/2 MS bunkers are 2/14 Punjab Bn HQ and that the Govt Magazines at the 5 1/2 MS were constructed post war. Look forward to your further thoughts when you are back in Dec. Best rgds, Philip