Fong Sum-film star-Kai Tak-1962

Mon, 05/07/2018 - 02:43

A photo of Miss Fong Sum from the University of Texas archives.

The date is about 1962, and a promotional shot probably for the movie, “Up to the Sky” (yi fei chong tian). It was filmed at Kai Tak’s Far East Flying Training School and includes aerial shots of Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Shatin, Macao, luxurious yachts, etc.      

         A typical 1960s local movie plot: A rich merchant sets out for a spin in his yacht with his wife and younger sister. Engine trouble causes them to beach on a desert island, but it is far from deserted. There in the bushes lurks a desperate, one-eyed terrorist with nothing to lose, along with his evil band of retainers. The yacht is repaired, they all get on board. The bad guys intend to throw the innocents overboard and make their getaway when suddenly they are rescued by a "seaplane". The harbour police arrive and a mighty battle ensues.

The film is supposedly available for rent from the Hong Kong Film Archive

Allegedly Miss Fong learnt to fly at the Far East Flying Training School for the role. The aircraft is the school’s De Havilland Chipmunk

If anyone can recall it or has this movie on DVD, I’m interested in what the rescuing “Seaplane” would have been. Not many left in Hong Kong by 1962


Date picture taken
15 Jun 1962


The Chipmunk of the FEFTS also appears here . Nice photo of Miss Fong at Kai Tak. The large building on the right is the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Holy Trinity Church.