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Japanese (?) Pillbox in HK Park [????- ]

Current condition: 

Exact location is not sure. But it must be in the square formed by the Green House to the west, Kennedy Road to the south, the fountain to the north and the park entrance to the east.

It is possible to be built by Japanese. The quality of building material is very bad and it is not in British style.



Hello Friends,

Here's an update on my recent field trip to the Japanese pillbox in H.K. Park with its current status.

I believe its location is very close to 22.2774125 114.1629314.

3 images attached.




Warm regards,

Alexander Macdonald.

Thanks Alexander, it's good to see some photos of this one at last.

I've moved the marker to your coordinates.

Regards, David

Ohh man I didn't know there are pillboxes in HK parks, please give me some directions so I can find it. Thanks.