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What's new on Gwulo

I've missed the last few weeks' "What's new", while I've been working on the book launch. The last set of book orders went off to the Post Office for mailing this afternoon, so let's get back to the usual routine and see what's new on the site.

A quick invitation first: Please join us for Gwulo Christmas drinks tomorrow evening, Tuesday 12th.

Now on to what's new:

If you can leave a comment with any more information about these, it will be gratefully received.


Gwulo book update: At the latest count, 554 copies of the book have been ordered, which is a fantastic start. Thanks to everyone who helped promote the pre-launch offer, and of course special thanks to everyone who has ordered a copy. (If you ordered a book, you should have received a message confirming that your order has been shipped - if you haven't, please contact me.)


Some of the new photos added:

Lock Road
Lock Road, by halbwertzeit


Good Luck
Good Luck, by m20wc51


1910s Bowrington Canal
1910s Bowrington Canal, by Moddsey


1957 Wader Studio
1957 Wader Studio, by Eternal1966


1970 Over North Kowloon
1970 Over North Kowloon, by Eternal1966


1946 Lena Lodge
1946 Lena Lodge, by Eternal1966


Hong Kong Electric Tramway Car (3rd class)
Hong Kong Electric Tramway Car (3rd class), by The National Archives UK


5 Kent Rd
5 Kent Rd , by Chris HK


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