Carl Emil Peter HERBST [c.1878-1925] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Carl Emil Peter HERBST [c.1878-1925]

Carl Emil Peter
c.1878-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

His obituary appeared on page 3 of The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1925-06-13:



By the death of Mr. Carl Emil Peter Herbst, which took place at the Peak Hospital at 7.30 yesterday morning, the Holt's Wharf loses an old and valued servant, the late Mr. Herbst being employed till the time of his death as chief clerk.

A man 47 years old, Mr. Herbst was unmarried but leaves two sisters both of whom are widows and reside in Hongkong. Arriving in the Colony in 1909, the deceased joined the Holt's Wharf as a Clerk in the office and was so employed for a number of years. During his younger days he was a noted swimmer and served with the Artillery Company of the Volunteers during the whole of the War.

He had only been ill for about a week and much sympathy will be extended to his surviving relatives in Hongkong and abroad. 

The funeral, which took place at the Protestant Cemetery yesterday was largely attended by friends of the deceased. The Rev. G. R. Lindsay officiated. Among those present were noticed the following: Mrs. McNider, (sister), Miss Gladys McNider and the masters S. and E. McNider (as chief mourners), Mr. D. A. G. Alison, Mr. J. M. McHutchon (Butterfield and Swire), Messrs. H. Sieling, J. Landolft, J. White, C. H. Elkins, H. M. Hendriksen, H. Ruttonjee, Sayce Kelly, H. H. Taylor, P. Lanigan, C. L. Becker, H. A. Castro., J. Gomes and many others. Floral tributes were sent by the following:

Lena and Children; Therese; Mr. and Mrs. D. A. G. Alison; Messrs. H. M. Hendrikson, H. H. Taylor, J. C. Faers, J. Landolt, J. S. Landolt, B. F. O. Dunnett, A. W. J. Hey, A. L. Alves, H. Ruttonjee, N. Mathieson, A. G. Suffiad, F. S. Adey, H. Sieling, E. W. Sleigh, C. B. Riggs, H. L. Stainfield, J. V. Gomez, K. Wehle Mok Tai-pan, Mok Tin-fong, Mok Man-chee; Mrs. G. G. d’Eca; Leonora Gomez; Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Pike and family; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. De Vinney; Mr; and Mrs. V. F. d'Azevedo; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Elkins; Mrs. C. Stoonham and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. Bunje; Rev. and Mrs. G. R. Lindsay; Mr. and Mrs. E. Histed; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. White and family; J. J. Gomez and family ; Mr. and Mrs. F. P. .da Silva; Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Hayes; Captain and Mrs. Webb and family, Mr. and Mrs, Williams and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Castro, Mr. and Mrs. P. Lanigan; The European Staff of Holt’s Wharf; The Compradore Department Holt’s Wharf; The Chinese Staff Holt’s Wharf; Messrs. Butterfield and Swire; Chi San and Company.