C. E. Warren & Co., then C. E. Warren & Co. Ld. [1899-1941] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

C. E. Warren & Co., then C. E. Warren & Co. Ld. [1899-1941]

C. E. Warren & Co., then C. E. Warren & Co. Ld.
c.1899-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
c.1941-07-31 (Day is approximate)

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The dates of C.E. Warren & Co. are 1899-1918 and the actual dates of C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd. are 1918-1941 (although officially 1918-1956).

C.E. Warren & Co.’s headed writing paper gives 1899 as the date of inception. I’ve recently been sent one of the last letters written by my uncle Leslie Warren to his wife and children before leaving Hong Kong in July 1941. It was probably the last letter to be written on the C.E. Warren & Co.’s headed paper using the St George’s Building address. Leslie had taken over the management of the company on the death of his father Charles E. Warren in June, 1923.

C.E. Warren & Co. existed under that name until 1918 when it was registered as a limited company with Companies House and became C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd.. Although the company was wound up in July 1941, just before Leslie Warren left Hong Kong, for some reason, Companies House failed to register its closure until 1956.

Here are some extracts from Leslie Warren’s letter of 2 May 1941. He mentions his assistant William Russell. P.M. Xavier and especially Jose Goularte d’Aquino had been with the company since before his father died in 1923. (I don’t know who Santos is.) David Scott Robb was an accountant with Lowe, Bingham & Matthews. The Maycock family had been long term friends of the Warrens.

You people must be awfully fed up with the conditions, but it looks as though you’ll have to stay in England now. I’m so sorry you are not in Australia with the Evacuées. Well, you’ll  be wondering what is going to happen to me with the firm closing down. Well we gave up our Town Office two days ago & moved down to Wanchai, and, as soon as all the Stocks and Property have been sold, everything will be finished. Russell is an Overseer for A.R.P. Construction Work, and Xavier has just got a job as Accountant in the Govt. Food Controller’s Office – a wartime job. Robb, our Liquidator, got him the job. Aquino & Santos are still with us. Now, what about Leslie then – I haven’t been sleeping, but have made contact with several possibilities. I have applied for the position of Lieutenant Quartermaster of the H.K. Volunteers, as the post is going to be vacant soon, but of course, I may not be selected, as there are several applicants. There is a house provided as well as the necessities, on top of the salary. I’ll be lucky if I get it. Secondly, and this is my best bet, a big concern with Branches in Shanghai, H.K., Manila, Singapore and Bangkok, are thinking of opening up a Plumbing Dept. in Singapore or Bangkok. If they do, I shall be appointed Manager with a decent salary, agreement, &c. The Head is arriving down from S’hai in 2 weeks’ time, & he wants to meet me to discuss terms. I hear business is very lively at Bangkok. If anything comes off, I shall cable you. It’s no use trying to start anything here, as conditions are very bad. I’d like to get in the P.W.D. here if all else fails. (…) I’m still with the Maycocks, Eva & Willie, & they look after me like a brother. I’ve put on 10 lbs since I came here! It is just getting warm, and I’m sure you’re more comfortable where you are. I hope you are managing alright with your money; it’s awful having to cut your allowance. (…) I’m sure you are all very busy, - especially as Diana is doing war work. I do hope you will all be safe. The war news is very bad, but of course we will win in the end, as always. Still, you are in a bad place for possible bombings. Well, cheerio for the present . I hope to send you some good news soon. Tons of the best.     Dad