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The Falls (1st generation) [1878-1927]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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1883 - J.Y.V. Vernon (John Yardley Vernon-Vernon) stockbroker
1887 - the name "The Falls first appears"
1890 - sold to Capt. J. Farrow
1900 - sold to Charles David Wilkinson - solicitor
1923 - sold to Sir R. Ho Tung

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The Falls was owned by Sir Paul Chater who rented it to a Governor (can't remember which one without digging out lots of papers) whilst Mountain Lodge got completed.

(from lizchater)

1896 - Mr. & Mrs. F. W. Danby - engineer and architect

John Yardley Vernon was the home owner.  Chater was his partner in the stockbroking firm "Chater and Vernon".

Chater owned "The Cliffs" which he rented to the Governor.

Charles David Wilkinson owned the above from 1900 to 1923 when he sold the house to Sir Robert Ho Tung. Mr. Wilkinson was the second partner of our law firm Wilkinson & Grist. I am looking for photographs of The Falls. Does anyone have any photographs?


John Budge,

Consultant, Wilkinson & Grist, Solicitors and Notaries, Hong Kong

John, not sure if you spotted the "See more photos of this place" link above. If none of those photos are any help, please could you let us know what you'd like to see in the photo?

Regards, David


Thanks do you have any moe photos of the Falls from 1900 to 1920?

John Budge

I don't know of any more photos yet, but if I see any I'll add them in. You might also look at pages on Gwulo for other buildings that were nearby and check their photos, as sometimes a photo will not have been linked to all the builidngs shown.